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Movies about cats: the best to see
Movies about cats: the best to see

For those who love cats, there are few things better than relaxing in front of the TV, perhaps in the company of your feline or other fans, and enjoying a movie dedicated to them. There is something for all tastes: documentaries, comedies, detective films, animated films and more. So let's see together which are the best movies about cats (or with cats) in circulation.

puppies of the aristocats
puppies of the aristocats

The Aristocats

Let's start immediately with a Disney classic, which many of you will surely already know. Set in Paris in 1910, Gli Aristocatti features the cat Duchess and her 3 puppies Bizet, Matisse and Minou; they belong to a rich pensioner, who loves them so much that she names them heirs of her immense patrimony. But the woman's butler, the second beneficiary of the will, kidnaps them and abandons them to automatically be entitled to the inheritance. You will therefore follow the adventures of this family of kittens, who will do everything to find their way home.

Walking with Bob

Sometimes cats know how to turn out to be real guarded angelsi: the protagonist of this 2016 film knows something about it, a homeless street artist with drug problems who meets a cat and decides to keep it with him. From that moment on, his life will change forever.

A cat's life

A ruthless and ambitious businessman (Kevin Spacey), too busy with work to devote himself to his children, has a strange accident, and his spirit remains trapped in a cat's body initially given to his daughter. His mission will now be to regain the lost affection of his family.

Kedi - cat on the roof
Kedi - cat on the roof

Kedi - The city of cats

Thousands of cats live in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Some are wild and look after themselves, while others are more tame and people take care of them. This 2016 documentary is about these cats and interviews the people who interact with them. There are seven cats mentioned in Kedi: Sari (the vagabond), Duman (the gentleman), Bengu (the lover), Aslan (the hunter), Gamsiz (the player), Flashina (the madwoman) and Deniz (the friend).

About Davis

In this New York drama set in 1961 Lewin Davis, a folk singer talented with some financial problems, he struggles to make a living as a musician and faces obstacles that seem insurmountable. Mute witness and companion of his adventures is a splendid tabby cat.

The cat with the boots

Who hasn't heard of this hugely popular fairy tale? There are several films (especially animation) that have drawn inspiration from it. If you have children it is difficult for them to be able to resist that of 2011, which has little to do with the fairy tale itself but whose protagonist has become famous thanks to the saga of Shrek: In this spinoff, Puss in Boots is wanted as an outlaw and finds himself in the city of San Fernando to steal the magic beans from thieves Jack and Jill.

cat operation
cat operation

F. B. I. - Operation Cat

It is a comedy initially produced by Disney in which a woman, kidnapped by some delinquents, uses the Siamese cat Gigi to communicate with the outside world, giving it important clues to let the police discover the place where it is located. If the 1965 original seems too dated, there is also a 1997 remake called simply Operation Cat.

The cat … and the crazy hat

The boring and monotonous day of two children, forced to stay at home by bad weather, will be happily upset by the arrival of a bizarre talking cat that will drag them on a series of fun adventures.

Garfield - The movie

Garfield is the protagonist of some of the most famous comic books in the world, and since 2004 also starring in a film. He spends his free time in complete idleness: a great life, until his owner Jon falls in love with Liz, who convinces him to adopt Odie, an adorable puppy who turns the cat's peaceful existence upside down. You will see some beautiful ones!

The seagull and the cat

This 1998 animated film cannot help but thrill young and old. Kengah, an oil-poisoned mother seagull, manages to entrust her egg to the Zorba cat, snatching three promises: do not eat the egg, take care of it until it hatches and teach the baby to fly.

cat from outer space
cat from outer space

The cat from outer space

An extraterrestrial cat arrives on earth due to a damage to his spacecraft, and thanks to his powers he manages to convince a NASA scientist to help him. It is another film produced by Disney, this time in 1978.

The cat's reward

Haru is a high school girl and one day, while walking down the street, she finds herself saving a cat that is about to be hit by a truck. The animal turns out to be not a common stray, but a prince called Lune. When the father, that is the guardian of the feline kingdom, shows his gratitude to the young woman, she begins to show some very particular physical characteristics.

The adventures of Milo and Otis

This 1986 Japanese comedy tells the story of a dog named Otis and a cat named Milo, who grew up together on the same farm. They become friends and once separated they embark on a journey to find each other, venturing into remote lands and snow-capped mountains. Ideal for the little ones.

breakfast at tiffany's
breakfast at tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This 1961 classic starring Audrey Hepburn tells of the meeting, in a Manhattan apartment building, between the penniless writer Paul and the charming Holly, who is constantly looking for a wealthy man to marry. It is the discovery of her beautiful red cat that makes love blossom.

A cat in Paris

The film tells the story of a Parisian cat named Dino, who lives with little Zoe during the day and visits Nico at night, a thief who roams the rooftops of Paris robbing other people's homes. One night Zoe follows Dino on his nocturnal adventures and witnesses something he shouldn't be seeing. Dino and Nico will have to save the child and bring her back to her mother.

Oliver & Company

Oliver, star of this 1988 Disney cartoon, is an adorable stray kitten who joins a gang of dangerous strays living on the streets of New York. One day the little boy is adopted by Jenny, a kind girl.

goose - captain marvel
goose - captain marvel

Captain Marvel

In this very recent origin story of the homonymous Marvel heroine, in search of the truth about her past and that of her native planet, her legendary cat Goose also plays a fundamental role. But … are we sure it's really a cat? You'll find out at the end of the film!