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Cat tattoos: images and meanings of the most beautiful
Cat tattoos: images and meanings of the most beautiful

Many people who love cats decide to imprint an indelible mark on their skin that binds them to their pet. But which ones tattoos on cats are there and what could we do with them?

The term Tattoo it was first coined in 1769 by the English Captain James Cook. He, arriving in Tahiti, wrote down, observing the habits and traditions of the population, for the first time the word Tattow which then became Tattoo. This word derives from the term "tau-tau", an onomatopoeia that recalled the noise that was produced by tapping the wood on the needle to engrave the skin.

That of tattoos is a practice so give it to you origins very ancient. The earliest evidence dates back to the prehistoric period and comes from the frozen and excellently preserved body of man (called Otzi) found in the Otzalet Alps. X-rays showed that he had tattoos and the hypothesis was advanced that they were used for therapeutic purposes.

Passing from the Egyptians, then to the Romans, to the Middle Ages (linked to paganism and witchcraft), up to our times, the cat has taken on different meanings and symbols. In particular, the following is attributed to the figure of the cat (and to the tattoos on cats) symbolisms:

  • protection
  • maternity
  • beauty
  • female power
  • hunting
  • fortune
  • family serenity
  • spirituality,
  • magic
  • freedom
  • royalty
  • stealth
  • vitality
  • fortune
  • intelligence
  • malice
  • secrecy
  • vigilance
  • independence

Cat tattoos are much loved by women, in fact, this animal represents femininity, grace and elegance.

Let's see some examples of cat tattoos with images and meanings:

Black cat tattoo


With a black cat tattoo you want to convey a sense of mystery mixed with power and that wants to intrigue others.

Cat footprints tattoo


Getting a cat footprint tattoo represents an emotional or mental journey through a difficult time. They represent progress and the need to move forward in life.

Cat head tattoo


Tattooing the cat's head represents:

  • illness
  • destruction
  • death

They are usually impressed by those who understand and accept the inevitable end of existence.

Cats and flowers tattoos


Flowers are one of the favorite symbols of women as they express beauty, elegance and purity. Many choose them simply for the color others for their meaning. It is good to remember that each flower has its own meaning as well as its color. The union therefore between cat and flowers in a tattoo it works if you want to convey your mysterious yet elegant personality to others.

Geometric cat tattoo


Lately the geometric cat tattoo is very popular and refers to the earth and its elements. For example the cube represents the earth, while the fire is indicated with a tetrahedron. Icosahedron represents water, octahedron for air and dodecahedron for spirit. Definitely associated with the cat, it assumes the ownership of an amulet or talisman.

Cat tattoo on the wire


If the thread cat tattoo ends with a bow, it symbolizes the bond between us and the cat.

Cat whiskers and ears tattoo


The cat mustache tattoo is a minimal tattoo for those who want to further enhance the aura of mystery associated with the feline. In addition to the mustache, the ears or the stylized figure of the feline can also be represented with a tattoo.

Tattoo mandala cat


The term mandala means the symbolic representation of the cosmos and its evolution. It is also used in association with the cat.

It is up to you to decide which cat tattoo best reflects your being and what meaning to give it!