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Radgoll character
Radgoll character

The Ragdoll is considered the cat most docile existing in the world, despite this it must be emphasized that each cat is unique and has its own particular character, therefore any information on the personality of the breed is understood in general. Below we will cover the most common traits of the Ragdoll character.

Origins of the breed and of the Ragdoll name

The Ragdoll, which developed in the 1960s in California thanks to the breeder Ann Baker, has become one of the most popular breeds in the world since it has all the features that humans usually want in a domestic cat. The Ragdoll has a very relaxed character And it abandons itself completely to cuddle when picked up. From this character artist derives her name which translated from English means rag doll.


The Ragdoll and the relationship with man

The particular e deep affinity with man it is one of the most peculiar characteristics of this breed. The Ragdoll is absolutely devoted to one's master, but at the same time it turns out extremely friendly even towards strangers.

A peculiar characteristic of the breed is the almost morbid attachment to the owner. The Ragdoll is in fact usual follow his human everywhere go inside the family environment, even in the bathroom. Despite this sticky side, the Ragdoll is not intrusive or insistent as other breeds can be, in fact it is able to spend hours crouched on or next to its master, without disturbing him.

The Ragdoll and the relationship with children

Given his docile and relaxed personality, the Ragdoll is considered one of the most suitable cats for the company of children. His character extremely tolerant it means that he is also willing to be taken for a walk in a stroller or to be dressed in doll clothes without running the risk of violent reactions.


Other characteristics of the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is a cat playful, but unlike other long-haired cats it is not hyperactive. His personality is often compared to that of dogs, in fact, like them he enjoys playing by returning the ball and can be used to walking around on a leash.

The Ragdoll can also show itself very friendly towards not only all humans, including children, but also other cats and dogs.

Unlike most domestic cats, the Ragdoll does not particularly like to climb or jump on furniture or trees, it prefers to stay at the level of the floor, or at the most at sofa height.