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Cats and olive oil: all the benefits
Cats and olive oil: all the benefits

Not everyone knows, cats and olive oil they are not enemies, on the contrary. Unlike other fatty foods, olive oil has all the healthy characteristics of natural unprocessed foods. Q

So any creatures who take it (including cats) will take healthy supplements. Here are all the benefits of olive oil for cats.

Cats and olive oil: in addition to the diet

Let's start with something that may seem off-topic but that can make you understand how essential oil is in the life of the cat. When the cat has some dermatitis or allergies, cleaning the area with a swab dipped in olive oil is very beneficial.


If Micio is fighting with gods parasites, applying oil to bites and irritated areas gives a lot of relief. If there is an infection, olive oil can even reduce bad smells.

Finally, both for normal cleaning and in the presence of ear mites, the oil is a very valuable ally to reduce the risk of ear canal infections and keep the auricle shiny and functioning.

Cats and olive oil: why let them eat it?

Now that we have discovered what are the benefits that olive oil provides to cats outside their diet, let's see instead what are the reasons to make him eat it. Let's start with an assumption: we all want Micio to have a long life, right?

Very well, then the first answer we need is this: because we want to make it live for a long time. With olive oil in its diet, the cat will have many nutrients that will make it longer-lived.


Specifically, olive oil has these benefits for cats:

  • Stimulates the appetite even in older cats and in cats that have diseases, thanks to its smell.
  • AND antioxidant and helps the immune system: it contains intact many polyphenols (bio-synthesized plant compounds), vitamin E and chlorophyll.
  • Helps eliminate the bad breath making digestion easier and avoiding reflux.
  • Its fats are monounsaturated: reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Facilitates the weight loss: thanks to the aforementioned monounsaturated fats, olive oil reduces negative cholesterol and the accumulation of fat.

Diseases of cats and olive oil

Olive oil can treat different diseases of cats and improve their well-being. For example, it is a cure-all for constipation, a very common problem in felines that can also cause intestinal blockage. The oil will stimulate bowel movements and make the stool more liquid.


Olive oil is also excellent for improving the l brilliance and the softness of the cat's fur thanks to its moisturizing properties. In addition, it slows down aging. Finally, including some of this "super food" in your pet's food is an excellent solution to help with hairballs.

How to add olive oil to a cat's diet

In addition to having positive properties for the your cat's health, olive oil is easily accessible and can be integrated into the cat's diet. It has a pleasant and almost fruity taste, which makes it very popular with cats.


In order not to overdo it and provide your cat with all the nutrients he needs you should include a spoon of oil in his croquettes at least 3 times a week. You can add it to wet food as well, but read the ingredients to make sure it's not already in large quantities.

Once placed in the bowl, mix everything well so that the oil is absorbed by the food. After that… let Micio eat!