Maine Coon weight chart
Maine Coon weight chart

The Maine Coon is the most famous cat breed for its large size and weight (being the largest of domestic cats). What should an owner measure to determine how healthy their cat is?

The growth rate of the Maine Coon is unique in the world of domestic cats. These felines are typically known for slower development than that of other breeds, but they grow faster in size and weight. Most cat breeds gain around 1kg per month, while a Maine Coon can put on even more than 1kg per month, in fact it is not uncommon for a Maine Coon kitten to grow up to 2-2.5kg per month.. While other breeds reach their full height and weight by the age of two, most Maine Coons will not reach their full physical dimension up to the age of three to five years. The weight range can be quite variable as well It depends on many factors which define it as genetics, gender, diet and health.

Maine Coon weight chart
Maine Coon weight chart

THE chicks of Maine Coon at birth, they usually weigh more than kittens of other breeds and go from 125 to 170 g. There female Maine Coon average is smaller size compared to the male and as an adult it will weigh between 5 and 9 kg, but some females may weigh even more. For the males, on the other hand, the average varies from 6, 8 to 12 kg. There are Maine Coons that reach even greater weight, but it is important not to confuse an overweight cat with a large, healthy one that can weigh. maximum 15 kg. Let's see in table the weight of these felines month by month:

1 week - 200-260 grams (cat), 180-230 grams (cat).

1 month - 650-750 grams (cat), 560-660 grams (cat).

2 months - 1.25 kg (cat), 1.15-1.4 kg (cat).

3 months - 2 kg (cat), 1.8 kg (cat).

4 months - 3 kg (cat), 2.7 kg (cat).

5 months - 5.6 kg (cat), 3.9 kg (cat).

6 months - 6.2 kg (cat), 4.3 kg (cat).

Maine Coon weight chart
Maine Coon weight chart

8 months - 6.9 kg (cat), 4.3 kg (cat).

9 months - 7 kg (cat), 5 kg (cat).

10 months - 7.7 (cat), 5.6 kg (cat).

11 months - 5.7-8 kg (cat), 6 kg (cat).

12 months - 9.0 kg (cat), 6.4 kg (cat).

18 months - 9.5 kg (cat), 6.5 kg (cat).

24 months - 10 kg (cat), 7 kg (cat).

30 months - 12 kg (cat), 7, 5 (cat).

There body length of Maine Coons at birth is about 12 cm. However, as time goes by and quite quickly, the Maine Coon puppy stretches while also gaining muscle mass. The length of this cat, on average, reaches about 1 meter. The longest Maine Coon ever recorded was Stewie, who died in 2013: in all its length, from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, it measured 123 cm.

Maine Coon weight chart
Maine Coon weight chart

It is worth noting that a large portion of this pet's size is its own tail large and soft: this "attribute" can be considered the pride of the breed. The tail of the Maine Coon that has reached maturity is usually about 36 cm. Talking about other parameters, we can say that its height at the withers is about 33 cm, the chest circumference is about 32 cm and the waist size is 31 cm.