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Cat meowing: what does it mean, causes and what to do
Cat meowing: what does it mean, causes and what to do

Why do cats meow? Who has never heard of a cat meowing? What is the meaning of the cat's cry? The meow is such a widespread feature in our feline friends that there is no need to have one at home to be able to hear its voice, sometimes so adorable and others bordering on annoying.

Cats communicate through a variety of vocalizations: meowing, purring, chirping and hissing. They use meows as a means of expressing their emotions, so pay attention to them to understand what exactly your kitty is trying to tell you. But perhaps not everyone knows that a cat that meows always does so for some time specific causes, even if sometimes we are not able to fully understand them. But why do they do it?

A need for attention

In the various situations that these factors generate, however, if you notice a cat meowing it is generally one request for attention. It all depends on what exactly he wants to communicate. The breed of a cat (and therefore its anatomical characteristics), its character, its state of mind and health, the particular condition it is in at that moment and the recipients of its message are all factors that will influence how and how often it will meow.

Maybe he wants to play or is bored

Maybe the cat meows because wants to play or is bored. Don't answer every time your feline meows, instead pay attention to it when it goes quiet. If your cat continues to meow, walk away until he calms down. Get away from excessive meowing, but make sure you spend time with your cat every day. Continue to reward quiet behavior by ignoring constant meowing: Rewarding your cat for her calmness can help curb excessive meowing.

If it meows to other animals

Cats meow for more to communicate with us than with other animals, but there are still cases in which a meowing cat is not addressing a human being, but emitting this verse to other animals:

  • Small kittens: newborn kittens meow in a sharp and insistent way to call their mother, who has the ability to immediately recognize the particular cries of the little children, even if she has moved away only for a moment.
  • Cats in heat: both males and females emit low and prolonged sounds to attract mates for mating; even during the latter, the males meow to discourage the approach of any rivals.
  • Cats that stand aiming for prey: Have you ever seen a cat gaze at something, perhaps looking out the window, and emit not a meow but a sort of mutter? In this case the cats meow because they are indulging their nature as predators and aiming for some kind of target, even if very often this behavior can have a comic effect for us!

If it meows to a human being

  • Old age, illness, stress: the appearance of many diseases, the onset of advanced age or in particularly stressful situations, the cat is likely to meow because it wants to share its discomfort, meowing in an acute and prolonged way. If a veterinarian excludes the presence of diseases, it could simply be stress or fright: in this case it is good to try to reassure him and remove any cause of his discomfort.
  • Greetings, craving for food or cuddles: Many cats meow when they do not have problems making requests, meowing insistently until we satisfy them. Sometimes they remind us that we haven't given them food yet (or that the food wasn't enough!), Sometimes they want to remind us that we haven't given them enough time for games and cuddles. Other times, however, they are simply happy to see us.

Maybe he's sick

Constantly meowing is one way your cat may be trying to tell you that she is not feeling well. Cats are good at hiding them illnesses therefore a cat that always meows or shows little interest in food could be the sign of a disorder that requires attention.

Your cat's constant meowing could be a sign of an overactive thyroid, kidney disease, urine problems, or a host of others Health problems. If this behavior is something new in your cat, it's worth going to the vet.

He may be hungry or thirsty

If the food bowl is empty, your cat will make sure to let you know by always meowing. Make sure your friend has enough food and, while you are at it, also check that the bowl of water is full.

cat always meowing
cat always meowing

Stress due to changes

Changes in the house, new people, new pets, or other causes could put stress on your cat. If your cat meows a lot during these changes, it could be an occasional meow to tell you “I don't like it” or, if loud, to tell you “I'm really angry!”.

Old age and confusion

Cats, just like people, can become forgetful or confused in old age. The disorientation it's not uncommon, and your little friend may always meow in frustration or confusion.

cat always meowing
cat always meowing

The cat is in heat

Cats in heat can suddenly become very loud with their constant meowing. They do it for attract males which, in turn, will start meowing loudly if they detect a cat in heat nearby.

Isn't it that he just wants to say hello?

Sometimes a cat that meows just does it to greet his master, usually when he sees you while you are at the door. You may also hear inviting meows if he is walking into the room you are in because he is very excited to see you.

cat always meowing
cat always meowing

Something awakens their instincts

Chatty meows sound as if your meowing cat is trying to get in touch with something. You may hear this type of meowing when the cat is at the window and watching a bird or squirrel stimulate their feline instincts.

What to do if it always meows

If you notice that your cat meows all the time and uses this trick a little too often, perhaps preventing you from sleeping at night, and you have already avoided any health problems by taking it to the veterinarian, you could consider the hypothesis of grant him attention which it only requires when it is calmer. However, it is a method that requires a lot of perseverance to produce concrete results, especially if the cat has already understood that it is enough to insist a little with you to get everything it wants.