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American Bombay: funny trivia
American Bombay: funny trivia

That of American Bombay is a very charming and popular breed: its unique appearance and irresistible personality make it one of the most sought after in the world. Yet many limit themselves to appreciating the aesthetic side, leaving out a lot of information about this beautiful cat. If you think you don't know him enough yet, here are a few curiosity very interesting about him.

american bombay
american bombay

The origin of the name

Bombay has not always been present in nature, but it is the result of a human experiment performed by combining a series of different cat breeds to obtain the beautiful animal that we can admire today. She has a decidedly exotic look, with that very black hair and those big, magnetic eyes.

It is therefore not surprising that it is nicknamed "Parlor panther", meaning " panther living room ", and the animal that the breeder who gave birth to this breed in the 1960s had in mind is a miniature panther. Its name, Bombay, coincides with a port city in India, a country where the panther is very present.

Appearances are deceiving

If the outward appearance is exotic and wild, giving the impression that it is an independent and solitary cat, its character reveals something else: the Bombays always seem on the defensive, ready to sneak into a corner to hide from you; but once he gets to know you you will have a life partner that will follow you step by step in every room of the house and in every activity you are doing, just to be close to you.

Another nickname given to these cats is in fact " velcro cat"Because they would never detach from their favorite human. If you have just taken a Bombay with you, do not be surprised when, after a brief period of initial distrust, it will begin to follow you like a shadow!

american bombay white background
american bombay white background

Easy to train

Because of their high intelligence, the Bombays are also extremely sympathetic to anyone game or trick please teach him. Their innate curiosity also plays an important role in their desire to always discover and learn new things.

If you like to play then you will become this cat's best friend and entertain the rest of the family for a long time. It will not even be difficult to teach them to associate gestures with certain actions, since they are also equipped with a ' excellent memory, especially when it comes to an activity they like to do.

Pay attention to the diet

Bombays have a certain tendency to gain weight easily, but their silky black coat manages to hide it quite well as long as the extra pounds they don't really become that many. They already have a more robust build than other cats and therefore it is good to keep an eye on the amount of food they eat daily and stick to the recommended quantities for age, size and level of physical activity. Obesity is a problem that is easier to prevent than to solve and can have negative repercussions on their health.

American bombay lying on the ground
American bombay lying on the ground

Absolute loyalty

The Bombay people tend to prefer one person over all the other members of the family, and while loving attention and demonstrations of affection on their part they seem to treasure the time they can spend with their favorite human, with whom they form a very close and particular relationship. That is the person they will follow around the house and that is the one they will always choose when they are particularly in need of company.

Keen observers

These cats, also thanks to the aforementioned curiosity which represents a predominant aspect of their character, have a strong tendency to stare about something or someone, even for a long time. Some people may not like this behavior, finding it a little … disturbing, but even if we can't know what is going through a cat's head it is easy to understand if this gesture is a sign of annoyance or if he is simply observing what is happening around. he.

American bombay on the street
American bombay on the street

Holy patience

If you have a dog with you and are wondering if it is appropriate to bring a cat indoors, the Bombay could be the ideal choice, as long as the dog in question is benevolent towards felines. This cat is indeed extremely tolerant both towards other animals and towards children, and if they are treated with respect they tend to return the favor with interest.

The only problem could arise if the dog wanted all the master's attention: in that case you can be sure that Bombay will not stand by and will try to sneak between you two. In general, however, it is a versatile type that adapts extremely well to new environments and situations.

Need for affection

When a cat is very intelligent it is almost assumed that it is also very sensitive: this breed is very affectionate and does not react well if it is mistreated or ignored. Even during the training phase, you must always maintain a positive atmosphere, without punishing or scolding the animal; there are far better ways to teach him what to do and what not to do.

There are few things this cat loves more than just snuggling up on the legs of her favorite human and letting herself be stroked for as long as possible, and it's definitely hard to resist when she's looking for cuddles. Always make sure you give him plenty of time and affection: if Bombay doesn't get enough attention it could fall into depression and fail to lead the peaceful life it deserves.