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Blanco, the cat living with a mouse
Blanco, the cat living with a mouse

Blanco is a cat living with a mouse. A truly out of the ordinary cat, white with black spots, which defies all laws of nature and hosts a nice rodent on itself. How will he be able to resist his instincts?

white and gray cat resting
white and gray cat resting

Simple, his 'Jerry' is nothing more than a stain. A touch of color along the side that seems to depict the Mickey Mouse from the comics. This little detail is a real fortune: it makes him forget his sad story of an abandoned cat.

Another abandoned kitten

The cat living with a mouse, in fact, is yet another feline that is abandoned on the street, and left to its sad fate. Blanco finds shelter in a car: the classic hiding place on cold winter nights, but also very dangerous.

His misadventure was born almost nine months ago, when in Fiumicino - near the capital - he is noticed inside the cylinder compartment of a car: a protected place, where he had holed up to shelter from a storm.

When he arrived in the coastal town north of Rome he was died of fear, but fortunately unharmed. For days he remained holed up in the garage where the vehicle was parked, without moving or meowing. Only after a while did he have the courage to get help from the volunteers who wanted to help him.

The umpteenth illusion

The cat living with the mouse on the side was stalled for a long time, first in Fiumicino and then in Rome, a few days ago it seemed that a loving family had been found willing to finally take care of them.

Unfortunately, however, it was another illusion, yet another refusal for which we do not understand the reason: a dream that vanished into thin air and that made Blanco even sadder.

The appeal

Here then is the appeal that the group " Not only Pets Fiumicino International"He shared on social networks, to help the cat living with the mouse:" Adoption skipped for Blanco, our cat with the Mickey Mouse symbol on his side is still looking for a home, since last March, and a responsible family who will love him forever: nine months of deadlock and you are so beautiful. We will come to call you Blanco Natale if no one will have the heart to adopt you… You have overcome your fears, now you live with two cats and two dogs, but it is not your last home, unfortunately. We will be able to find the right and responsible adoption for you. Who will have love to give, presence, desire to give you pampering and receive unconditional affection from you ". Blanco is now just waiting to be loved along with his Mickey Mouse drawing.

cat inside a bidet
cat inside a bidet

“It is the result of an abandonment that it could cost him his life, but luckily he did it -Eleonora's message continues-. He is super good, wonderful with everyone, including children, we cannot place him in the colony on the street because he is visually impaired, he is afraid to go out and he is terrified of the noise of cars, and rightly so.

Whoever decides to adopt it forever will have a great privilege. Loving an unfortunate kitten, but with a heart of gold; who just waits for a lot of purring to his new mom (or dad: he doesn't discriminate whatsoever).