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Rome: an old woman dies, seventy undernourished cats at home
Rome: an old woman dies, seventy undernourished cats at home

The story of a few hours ago sees protagonists seventy undernourished cats. They were found inside the home of an elderly deceased woman. The situation found by the volunteers of the Enpa in Rome is a horror film.

Dozens of felines abandoned to their fate. The love for animals, lived without restraint, has led to an excess, a a paradox: a mega colony inside and out of control. The welfare of poor animals has taken a back seat to a real obsession.

The conditions of cats

Seventy undernourished cats. This is the situation they found before the eyes ENPA volunteers - National animal protection body - when they entered the home of the now dead woman. And this is not even the first case.

undernourished cats in kennel
undernourished cats in kennel

Without food and water, without the basic care they would need, the conditions of these felines are dramatic: “The situation immediately appeared very serious - explains an ENPA volunteer -. When we entered the house we were faced with an apocalyptic scenario: 50 dead puppies, some eaten by the same parents, and 70 malnourished, sick and dying cats”.

The hope of an adoption

Some cats unfortunately then they didn't make it, victims of a situation out of control and the survival instinct of the strongest. The volunteers of the Roman section of the ENPA decided to take charge of the fate of these little souls but, given the exceptional nature of the story, they asked for the support of the Municipality through the allocation of funds to help them in this enterprise.

The hope now is to find each of the seventy undernourished cats a new home where someone is able to give them the love and care they need. "Saving all these cats from degradation and neglect will certainly not be easy - the volunteers write in a note published on Facebook -. We will also need your help and support to give them all a better and dignified future! The cats can be adopted, they are beautiful, all long-haired Siberian-like; and for those for whom a home will not be found immediately, we have formally requested the Municipality of Rome and the local ASL to intervene to arrange for their placement in affiliated structures ".