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Siberian cat: what it eats
Siberian cat: what it eats

The Siberian cat originates from Russia and is a breed that varies in its colors, although the brown tabby coat is the best known.

To keep your Siberian cat healthy, it is important to guarantee a balanced diet appropriate to its breed.

Here are some tips, what does the Siberian cat eat and how to choose food for him.

Nutrition and health

siberian cat
siberian cat

For Siberian cats you must have special attention, to prevent any health problems, starting with their diet.

If you choose low quality commercial food or food that is not suitable for the needs of this breed, the risk of malnutrition and disease is higher.

The Siberian cat, in general, it is a breed with relatively few health problemsapart from a hereditary problem or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a specific form of heart disease.

What do Siberian cats eat

Siberian cat food
Siberian cat food

All cats have the same basic nutritional needs, which include several essential nutrients.

Finding the right balance of these nutrients is essential to keep the Siberian cat healthy, throughout its life, and to reduce the risk of serious diseases.

The proteins They are the foundation of a healthy diet for any cat, especially the Siberian.

Cats are carnivores and therefore most of their diet must include meat, poultry and fish.

In fact, proteins provide essential nutrients for muscles and lean mass. Fats are also important, as they are an important source of calories that guarantees the cat the energy it needs.

Omega fatty acids support cat's skin and coat and heart health.

In general, the Siberian cat's diet should consist of 26% - 30% protein and 9% or even more fat.

Keep in mind, in fact, that this is a very active breed, so its energy needs may be slightly higher than the average cat.

In addition to proteins and fats, the Siberian cat also needs some vitamins and minerals.

In fact, most packaged cat foods include vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure a complete and balanced diet.

However, these substances can be included by giving the cat fresh fruits and vegetables because they are natural sources of nutrients and more digestible than supplements.

The Siberian only eats if he is hungry, so you can leave a bowl of food at his disposal that the cat is able to manage itself.

How to choose the best food for Siberian cats


When it comes to choosing the best food for Siberian cats, you need to make sure that the animal's basic nutritional requirements are met.

To be sure, ask your vet for advice on how to balance your Siberian's diet.

Prefer healthy and natural, wholesome and natural ingredients to maximize your cat's nutrition.

Choose digestible foods for your cat, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and include additional fiber and probiotics, to aid in your cat's digestion.

Avoid all packaged cat foods with artificial additives such as flavors, colors, and preservatives.