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Names for female cats
Names for female cats

Have you recently adopted a kitten and don't know what to call her? Here is a list of names for female cats from which to draw inspiration.

How to choose a name for your cat

cat- female
cat- female

Choosing a name for a kitten is very difficult, because it should reflect her uniqueness and personality.

Also, the name it must sound good, so that the animal can recognize it and learn it well right away.

So the name for your cat should be quite easy to pronounce and characterized by a sequence of vowels and consonants that create a recognizable sound - for example the repeated one of a name with Lilli.

The ideal is to choose a name that is not too long; in fact the shorter it is, the faster the kitten will learn it.

If possible, opt for an original name at the same time, drawing inspiration from famous cat names in Disney movies or cartoons, or from flowers, plants or distant countries.

Names for cats with A


Among the names starting with a for cat, some ideas are:

  1. Agatha: a Greek word that means "good" and that could be the right one for your kitten, if she is docile and tender.
  2. Alice: a very popular name since the Middle Ages, it is very short and easily pronounced.
  3. Amber: an appropriate name for a kitten who has yellow eyes or if her coat is reddish.
  4. Athena: Greek goddess of reason, wisdom, justice and the arts, Athena is a fitting name for an enterprising kitten.

Female cat names with B

  • Nice: the Twilight saga has made the name Bella popular again, which we have always associated with the protagonist of Beauty and the Beast. It's a wonderful name for a night-loving kitty.
  • White: if your cat is a snow-white fluff, this is her name.
  • Barbie: if you want to give your kitten a very feminine name, this could be for you.
  • Croissant: an appropriate name if your puppy is a sweet tooth.

Names with C

  • Camilla: a very sweet name that befits a long-haired kitten.
  • Chloe: it is one of the most popular names for cats abroad, very distinctive.
  • Cleopatra: perfect if your cat is like the queen of the Nile or the queen of your living room.
  • Daphne: a sweet and fragrant shrub of southern gardens, perfect for a beautiful kitten who lives in a warm country.
  • Dinah: like the cat from Alice in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Diva: Your kitten thinks she is the center of the universe, so why not call her that?

Cat names with E and F

  • Elsa: as one of the powerful protagonists of the Frozen movie.
  • Elvira: an ancient name, but which suits cats of a certain thickness.
  • Flora: from the Latin meaning flower, it is a beautiful name for a pretty kitten.
  • Fairy: if your kitten is small and short-haired, this name could be hers.
  • Fiona: beautiful and important, a perfect name for a large, long-haired cat.
  • Frida: is a short name, suitable if your cat has a quiet temperament.

Cat names with G

  • Glenda: the good witch in The Wizard of Oz.
  • Grace: a name chosen for a beautiful and athletic kitten.

Cat names with I and G

  • Ingrid: a name that befits a heroine cat.
  • Ivy: for a kitten who climbs and is pretty naughty.
  • Jade: an ideal name for green eyed kittens.

Cat names with L

  • Lucy: it is a very common name, but also very sweet and delicate.
  • Moon: a perfect name for a curvy and elegant cat.

Cat names with M and N

  • Matilda: like the wife of William the Conqueror and therefore that means strength and determination.
  • Minnie: when it comes to naming a little kitty, Minnie is adorable.
  • Nala: like the heroine in The Lion King; to choose if your cat looks a bit like her.

Cat names with P, R and S

  • Pearl: like the precious gem, this name is ideal for white or cream colored cats.
  • Polly: a very cheeky and fun name.
  • Princess: call her that if her temperament is very ladylike.
  • Queen: a perfect name for a self-confident kitten.
  • Sage: the name of the aromatic herb, with soft, gray and fragrant leaves. It is a good choice for cats with a gray coat.
  • Shadow: a good name for kittens who follow their owner silently around the house.
  • Sofia: a Greek word meaning wisdom, Sofia is an excellent name for a smart kitten.

Cat names with V and Z

  • Venus: an appropriate name for a cat who thinks she is a Goddess.
  • Zelda: another very feminine and incisive name.