Stray kittens rescued by a dog who kept them warm in the snow
Stray kittens rescued by a dog who kept them warm in the snow

Today we want to tell you the beautiful story of these 5 stray kittens rescued from another four-legged animal, a dog.

Each of us at least once in our life will have heard of the myth that sees dogs and cats as bitter enemies.

It is an ancient belief that has been handed down to the present day. But if you read us frequently, you know that by now it is a myth that is much more than outdated.


In fact, very often we have told you the story of cats and dogs united by a very special friendship.

Like the story of Kathryn, the cat who is happy again thanks to the puppies or the story of Woodhouse, the cat adopted because he was chosen by a dog.

And even in today's history there is talk of a particular friendship between these two different species of animals.

The protagonists are 5 stray kittens who were saved by a dog. The story takes place in Canada during a really very cold night.

Kittens rescued by a dog
Kittens rescued by a dog

A visual witness of the scene thought of it, namely the man who found the hero dog of the story, Serenity.

During a cold morning, the man in question realized that in front of his house, buried in snow, there was someone who was complaining.

He immediately left the house and, upon approaching him, realized that it was a dog.

Seeing the animal's difficulties, man immediately alerted the kennel in the area and a veterinary clinic and help was rushed in a very short time.

When the rescuers tried to rescue the dog, they realized that under him there were 5 puppies of cat Newborn.

Dog looking
Dog looking

There was no trace of their mother, but it was clear that the cats were struggling to survive.

All 6 animals were immediately taken to one veterinary clinic, where a team of veterinarians took care of them.

There are not many doubts about the dynamics of the affair. The dog spent the whole night warming up the 5 kittens with his own short, putting in place a gesture of extreme courage.

Now all 6 animals are at Pet and Wildlife Rescue from Chatham-Kent, in Ontario.

Volunteers are trying to find out if Serenity has an owner, because given the sweet and tame nature she has, she could be a family-grown animal.

Very soon, even the 5 kittens will be able to go in search of their family. The only sure thing is that they certainly owe their lives to their new friend, the dog Serenity.