Kitty, the cat who saved his owner from a fire
Kitty, the cat who saved his owner from a fire

Is called Kitty the cat hero protagonist of today's story and is a feline who has turned into a guardian angel for his owner and for other people.

If you have a four-legged friend making trouble around the house, we certainly don't have to tell you how much they are benefits felines for the life of us human beings.

But in addition to giving us love and happiness, sometimes our furry friends really transform into our guardian angels.

We have often told you stories of cats who wore the hero cloak and saved the lives of their owners.


Like the story of Missy, the hero cat who saved his sick mistress or the story of Manny, the one-eyed cat who foiled a robbery.

And even Kitty is a hero cat today. And he not only saved his owner, but also his neighbors, including some children.

Kitty's known story begins 5 years ago, when Danielle Schafer, his owner, finds him wandering by the side of the road.

He immediately falls in love with her and decides to adopt her. And who knows, maybe our four-legged friend has decided to return the favor.


A few nights ago, Danielle was sleeping in her apartment in Lasing, New York. Suddenly her cat jumped on her and woke her up.

He had never done it before and so the girl became suspicious. The time to get out of bed to understand what was happening and an explosion hit the neighborhood.

The smoke began to enter the house and the girl realized that there was not much time left. Unfortunately, however, there was no trace left of his four-legged friend, who probably fled from fear.

Danielle then ran out of the house, going to warn her neighbor of the imminent danger.

It was at that moment that the two realized that screams came from the window of the house opposite. A family complete with children was trapped inside.

Cat with its owner
Cat with its owner

Together they managed to help them get out of the window and in the meantime help arrived.

Danielle turned to the Fire Department in despair, asking for help in finding her kitty Kitty. The hopes seemed over.

But a firefighter entered Danielle's house and came out shortly after with the cat in his arms.

And so the story ended without any injuries. Who knows if without Kitty's help the ending would have been the same!