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Kitten stuck in a car engine in Melegnano: the Fire Brigade intervenes
Kitten stuck in a car engine in Melegnano: the Fire Brigade intervenes

In Melegnano, in the province of Milan, a kitten stuck in a car engine is rescued by the Fire Brigade. These are news that are heard on the agenda at this time of the year, fortunately this time there was a happy ending.

Stray kittens, in fact, seek shelter in warm places protected from the rain. “What better place than the hood of a car?”: They think. However, they do not know what the danger is when the engine is started.


Kitten is rescued by the fire department
Kitten is rescued by the fire department

All in all, the misadventure experienced by the kitten stuck in a car engine in the Milanese area ended well. THE Firefighters rescued him from certain death, unfortunately, however, they could not do anything for the paw crushed by the timing belt.

The cat was hiding in a car engine, probably for escape the rain and at the low temperatures of the last few days. When the owner of the vehicle started, he got stuck. Fortunately, the woman heard the moans and called for help.

The kitten has lost its paw

The kitten, unfortunately, lost its paw. It happened on Tuesday 25 November. The woman who, once the key was turned, overheard it to tell the story a big bang. At that point she opened the hood and noticed the presence of the feline.

It was stuck in the engine compartment and his paw had been sucked from the timing belt. At that point the frightened lady called the Fire Brigade who arrived in a few minutes and thus freed the cat.

The epilogue

A' very delicate operation that of rescuing the kitten stuck in a car engine, given the condition of the limb. After putting him in the carrier they took him to the H24 veterinary emergency room in Melegnano.

Now he is not in danger of life, but he has lost his leg. Fortunately, specialists report, i cats with three legs do not lose agility and they are perfectly capable of living a normal existence. About ten days ago is the story, always with a happy ending, of a feline stuck in a car in Bitonto.


The competent authorities and animal welfare associations always recommend, especially in this particularly cold period of the year, to knock on the hood of the car or honking the horn before starting the engine.

This is a device that could save the lives of defenseless kittens. The noise would put them on the run and the worst would be avoided. Better a big fright than losing your life inside an engine compartment.