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Sri Lanka, the smallest wild cat in the world
Sri Lanka, the smallest wild cat in the world

The smallest wild cat in the world lives in Sri Lanka. His story was recently told by the BBC in the television series Big Cats, the most recent episode has as its protagonist an almost adult spotted cat that lives on the island of the Indian Ocean.

The kitten goes around the forest, jumps into the water and goes exploring in search of food. It enjoys the wild aspect of its natural habitat, demonstrating great agility and promptness of spirit.

The race

rusty cat
rusty cat

His breed is called prionailurus rubiginosus and can be found in India, Terai and Nepal. These felines can be 35 to 48 centimeters long and are mostly active at night, although it is sometimes possible to meet them during the day as well.

They often take refuge inside the trees or in caves so as not to get caught by predators, and feed mainly on rodents and birds. If necessary, they can also eat frogs or insects. Because of their fur they are often described as the miniature version of the leopards, with a look so sweet that it will enchant anyone who is lucky enough to meet them.

Miniature cat

The smallest wild cat in the world can even stand inside the palm of one hand. Its spotted coat gives it an extraordinary charm and beauty.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the Bengal cat, born from the crossing of the Asian leopard feline and a black domestic specimen: the idea was to obtain a cat with a wild appearance but with an affectionate character.

At risk of extinction

rusty sri lankan cat
rusty sri lankan cat

Rusty cats are unfortunately almost at risk of extinction because their natural habitat in Sri Lanka has been invaded by uncontrolled crops, which have contributed to the death of several specimens. The widespread use of insecticides and pesticides is a cause for concern.

Very often lives in the company of man, adapting to changed environments. Given its small size, it is perfect for keeping mice away, but the important thing is that it is shown tolerance and respect.