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What to do if the cat does not eat
What to do if the cat does not eat

When your mucus refuses to eat, it's not always an indication that something is wrong. there what to do if the cat does not eat, when to worry and some tricks to entice him.

The cat does not eat


If the cat does not want to eat for more than 24 hours, the animal may have a basic and potentially serious problem that requires immediate attention from the veterinarian.

Indeed, cats can develop a disease secondary, called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver, if they don't eat for too long.

But if your cat chooses to skip a meal and refrain from eating for only a few hours, it could just be a tantrum.

In particular, active and more playful cats stop in front of their bowl for a couple of seconds and then move on to their next adventure, without having eaten much, if not nothing.

Other times cats do not eat if they have not been used to eating everything; if you have always given dry food to cats, when you give them wet food they don't eat it because they don't know what it is.

What to do if you don't eat: strategies


All cats are different which is why we love them. Whatever the reason your feline is picky about the food on offer, try these simple strategies to help him eat again.

Remember never to force your cat to eat, as this can lead to a negative situation and potential food aversion.

The first thing to do is to try offer the cat food for the kittens.

The latter contains more protein and more fat, precisely to help puppies build their growing bodies, and has a tastier flavor than adult cat food.

The extra calories are enough for a cat trying to gain or maintain its weight.

You can also try spicing up their kibble. Some probiotics specially designed for cats taste really good and encourage appetite once added to the meal.


Consult your vet to find the right solution for your feline.

You can also feed them something that is closer to the prey they would be out to catch and that should whet their appetite.

add a couple of pieces of turkey or roast chicken to a cat's kibble or wet food.

Finally, try heating canned cat food in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to increase the smell, so that the cat is more attracted to it.