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Long-haired Siamese: characteristics and photos
Long-haired Siamese: characteristics and photos

The Balinese is regarded as a long-haired Siamese cat, which - like the naturally bred Siamese - sports a distinctive Asian appearance.

Balinese cats have many of the same characteristics as Siamese, except their hair, which is medium to long - and a wonderfully feathered tail.

The origins


The long-haired Siamese cat it is not a natural breed, but it is believed that it is a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese or perhaps the result of a previous breeding between Siamese and Angora cats.

Its origins are not known, but it is suspected that this cat comes from Siam (Thailand).

Although we do not know where the first longhaired Siamese cat was born, we are confident that it was specially bred for the first time in the United States.

The character


This cat is sociable, loving and active, so it quickly gets used to being with the family. Generally, cats enjoy spending time with people (especially one in particular) and other cats.

Long-haired Siamese are affectionate, lively and curious. By being active enough, these cats can enjoy jumping like acrobats and playing.

The Balinese is a noisy cat, like the Siamese, but is slightly less vocal and emits a softer meow.

Physical characteristics

Balinese cat
Balinese cat

Although the Balinese has long hair, the latter requires little care since, unlike most cats with this characteristic, it does not have double hair.

The Balinese has the same body type as the Siamese, with the exception of the medium-long hair, in fact, and the feathered tail.

It has a long, slender and medium-sized body. The head has a long, medium-sized tapered wedge shape.

The eyes are almond-shaped, of medium size and inclined towards the nose.

The ears are quite large, pointed and broad at the base. The nose is long and straight. The neck, legs and tail are long and thin like the rest of the body.

The hair is fine and silky and has the same colors as the Siamese, such as Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point and Lilac Point.

Care and nutrition

Siamese cat watching
Siamese cat watching

Balinese cats are not fussy about food choices and do not require a special diet.

Unlike many other cat breeds, Balinese cats are not prone to overweight.

The long-haired Siamese cat can live in the apartment and does not need to be in open spaces.

However, he is also an active cat who likes to go out when he can - to hunt for mice - and should still be equipped with toys to play with around the house.

Common health problems

The Balinese is a generally healthy cat. However, some bloodlines of this breed have weak hind legs or may suffer from nasal obstructions.