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Scratching post for Maine Coon: how to choose it
Scratching post for Maine Coon: how to choose it

The Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds of all and is beautiful for this very reason.

Their extremely unique appearance makes these cats instantly recognizable. Being very strong and adventurous, these cats need a scratching post for Maine Coon that can help them to vent their desire to move.

However, it is necessary to choose a structure suitable for this cat breed - which must first of all be strong and robust - to satisfy their natural needs.

Characteristics of the cat tree suitable for Maine Coon


Maine Coons are very active and sociable, they love to explore, play and move.

These cats love being with the family and have a great personality, which is the first thing to consider when buying a Main Coon scratching post.

The more active and playful your cat is, the more the scratching post must be structured in such a way as to satisfy all the facets of its personality and desire to move.

Breeders of this cat breed tell us that the main criteria for choosing a scratching post are mainly three:

  • It must have an extremely sturdy base
  • It must exist on the scratch areas (sisal material is ideal)
  • Better if there are platforms, hammocks and / or spacious hiding places where you can sneak

In general, the rough texture is among the most suitable for any kind of cat, because the scratch becomes louder and deeper.

When buying the scratching post for Main Coon you must also consider the age of your cat.

It is understood that if your cat is still a very young kitten - therefore still in the growth phase - we will have to change his scratching post over time, adapting it to his size as he becomes an adult cat.

Better a horizontal or vertical structure?

scratching post
scratching post

It all depends on what your cat prefers; the difference between a horizontal or vertical structure, for the purposes of its needs, does not change.

However, a vertical structure is certainly more comfortable if you don't have a lot of space in the room, as a horizontal scratching post takes up more space.

On a vertical scratching post, the cat's muscles stretch, strengthening the structure of the muscles and shoulders, while the nails - scratching from top to bottom - are renewed more easily.

scratching post-main-coon
scratching post-main-coon

The horizontal structure is also very useful for the health of the cat's muscles.

The ultra-level scratching post tree, those with several steps, is useful if many cats live in the house together. In this way, the animals will be able to have fun each in their own spaces, without considering the others invariants.