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Games for Persian cat: which one to give for Christmas 2019
Games for Persian cat: which one to give for Christmas 2019

Persian cats, like most cats, can get bored quite easily and to keep your puppy active and entertained you should give him a treat. Persian cat toy, taking advantage of this Christmas 2019.

How to choose the game


A bored Persian cat will scratch the furniture or he will try to destroy something in your house to entertain himself. Not only.

Often a bored cat will sleep a lot and become sedentary, which, of course, can lead to health problems, such as feline obesity.

It is quite difficult to choose the best Persian cat toy as every cat is different. However, there are some games that are generally suitable for him.

A gallery


Cats love to hide and play in confined spaces, they feel safe because they coincide with their natural environment.

A cat tunnel, with three or more ways, is a great game, ch and allows the Persian cat to exercise and have fun, while playing hide and seek in each tunnel.

This game for Persian cats is particularly suitable when several cats live in the family together; allows them to chase each other in the tunnels and play hide-and-seek with each other.

Interactive wand for cats

Cats are attracted to anything that moves, due to their natural predisposition to hunt small prey.

The interactive wand with a feather is the perfect toy to replicate this type of behavior, but in the home environment.

Your cat will play for hours, trying to chase the feather, thinking it is a bird or an insect.

You can hang the wand on the furniture and let your cat have fun on his own or you can wave the wand and watch your cat go crazy as he tries to grab and bite the feather.

Laser for cats

The cat also loves to chase the famous red dot that its owner can spin around the puppy using the laser.

There are various types, it is a very simple and basic game, but very fun for your Persian cat.

The toy mice


Most cats love to play with toy mice, which are specially designed for them.

They squeak if the cat touches them and this greatly attracts the interest of your Persian.

The best thing to do is get two, so your cat can have even more fun.

The little mouse awakens the natural hunting instinct of your cat, stimulating his mind and body.