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Phrases about cats: the most beautiful and famous ever
Phrases about cats: the most beautiful and famous ever

If you have a cat, there's a good chance your smartphone is already full of photos of your furry feline. And if you want to create emotional pictures, there is always room for one or two cat quotes to add to your shots and share on social networks.

Take a look at our collection of phrases about cats, from the most famous to the sweet and fun ones.

Famous cat quotes


From movie stars to philosophers, cats have received praise from many famous people. Here are some famous phrases:

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer

Dog owners will have noticed that if you provide them with food, water, shelter, and love, they will think you are God.

While cat owners are forced to realize that if you provide them with food, water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God themselves. - Christopher Hitchens

The man and cat relationship is like a happy agreement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats. - Mason Cooley

How we behave towards cats here on Earth determines our status in heaven. - Robert A. Heinlein

I loved dogs until I discovered cats. - Nafisa Joseph

Sweet phrases about cats


Your cat is cute and sweet and these phrases might reflect his character:

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. - James Herriot

Just watching my cats can make me happy. - Paula Cole

Not sure why I like cats so much. I mean, obviously they're really cute. They are both wild and domestic at the same time. - Michael Showalter

A cat only leads to having another. - Ernest Hemingway

Love quotes about cats


Do you love your cat and want the whole world to know? Then read some of the following quotes to express your love to share with your friends:

I love cats because they gradually become the visible soul of my home - Jean Cocteau

I love my cats more than I love most people. - Amy Lee

Every cat is my best friend. - Stranger

All you need is love and a cat. - Stranger

What greater gift than the love of a cat? - Stranger