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Rieti, poisoned kitten in the center
Rieti, poisoned kitten in the center

Yet another cowardly act of animal abuse saw one protagonist poisoned kitten in the center of Poggio Mirteto, in the province of Rieti. The fact dates back to last Sunday, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

panorama poggio mirteto poisoned cat
panorama poggio mirteto poisoned cat

The "Pasqualina & Friends" association of volunteers gave the alarm when they found the kitten probably killed by a poison against snails.

What happened

The poisoned kitten in the center unfortunately He did not make it. The hypothesis is that unknown persons gave her an antilumac substance which caused her death in excruciating suffering.

"The lady who takes care of the colony tried in vain to save it" - the volunteers say -. We don't know if it's an act voluntary or accidental but be careful and above all remember that the feline colony is protected by the law and anyone who mistreats (or worse) cats is liable to report and penalties ".

Who was the cat

The cat, who was always wandering around the feline colony of via Cavaliera and via Riosole, in one of the most central areas of the country, has been a victim of human pettiness. Behavior without reasons (assuming there may be any) and absolutely free. The only slight consolation is to hope that it was an accident.

It is good to remember that the mistreatment of animals is subject to complaints to the competent authorities and a penalties also of a criminal nature. If it was an accident, we invite the community to be more careful, especially in areas at risk such as where there is a colony of cats.

Animal abuse

Unfortunately this is not an isolated episode. Cases of poisoning or mistreatment are now recorded every day throughout the national territory, and beyond. We remember the cat victim of human malice and the kitten of the Enpa project, both struck by the indifference and wickedness of which only man is capable.

The animal welfare associations they are clamoring for the intervention of the competent authorities in a widespread manner, for the community to be sensitized and for measures to be taken against those who are responsible for such acts.