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Growth of the Maine Coon: how to assess if it's okay
Growth of the Maine Coon: how to assess if it's okay

The growth of the Maine Coon it is around three or four years, the time it takes on average to reach its maximum size.

These cats grow very slowly and because of this when a Maine Coon is one year old it can appear to be quite small compared to another cat of the usual age.

Males and females

maine coon lying on the sofa
maine coon lying on the sofa

Male and female Maine Coon cats can be over ninety centimeters in length and can weigh over eleven pounds.

L and females of this cat breed, however, are often smaller compared to males, although their size is still large.

The size of the Maine Coon also depends on the breeder who looks after them and other factors that can make a difference.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your Maine Coon grows well and is therefore the right size.

The power supply

maine coon on the ground in front of the chair
maine coon on the ground in front of the chair

To be sure that your cat is following an adequate and correct growth pattern, you must take care of its nutrition.

Some experts recommend feeding this cat raw foods as well, to accelerate its growth, such as chicken which provides a large amount of energy the Maine Coon needs to grow.

Sterilization and castration

By the time your Maine Coon is between six to eight months old, they will reach sexual maturity and will be constantly on the lookout for a partner.

This behavior occurs even if the cat lives in an apartment.

Since the search for a mate requires a lot of energy from the cat, this means that your Maine Coon will not grow very well during this time, as it needs too much energy to meow, mark territory, cross your house non-stop and roll. on the floor.

If you decide, instead, to spay or neuter your Maine Coon, this intervention will certainly favor its growth: it will immediately become much larger and heavier.

How big the Maine Coon must be


Those who choose to adopt a Maine Coon do so because they want to have a very large cat, but in reality, abundant size does not matter for cat health.

Maine Coon weight can be quite variable as it depends on many defining factors such as genetics, gender, diet and health.

However, Maine Coon cats generally grow very large, but to be sure that they are indeed a purebred cat, you need to make sure you are purchasing them from a professional breeder.