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Cats feel tumors: Missy saves her mistress
Cats feel tumors: Missy saves her mistress

It looks like a movie script, but it's all true. THE cats feel tumors, or so Missy's owner claims.

missy, psychic cat
missy, psychic cat

In fact, the lady says she found out she had breast cancer thanks to the warnings of her beloved kitten. It would not even be the first case.

The details

Angela Tinning says she has adopted the joy of her life, the one she defines as one real diva. In fact, the woman's love was not immediately reciprocated as she would have expected: the kitten was a little reluctant to contact and distrustful.

The episode that seals an extraordinary bond dates back to April 2013. When Missy was less than a year old, Angela was sitting on the floor one evening and the cat jumped on her chest causing her a little pain.

After that day, whenever Angela was lying down the kitten would crouch over her and put on the paw in the same place: on her right breast. When he tried to move it, Missy would put it back in the same place; if the woman sat down, the kitten would get up and always push her head there.

He started following her everywhere, and he didn't behave like that with anyone else. After three months Angela decided to have a check up, even though it all seemed very surreal to her. The doctor found some atypical cells and calcifications in the same place Missy insisted. It wasn't full-blown breast cancer, but it could change. Thanks to her cat, Angela underwent an operation to remove the cells before it was too late.

Angela's gratitude

The woman was extremely grateful to Missy - she would never have gone to the doctor if it weren't for her. He had heard of similar episodes with dogs as protagonists, but never cats that feel tumors. When she got home, she rewarded the kitten with a really succulent lunch.

During her recovery Missy became herself again. It was strange for Angela, she had the impression that he no longer loved her. But he had confirmation of his affection two years later, when he announced the return of the tumor in the same way. It all ended the third time with a mastectomy, but the cat has always played a preponderant role in the various diagnoses. A true guardian angel.