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Uncommon, but beautiful names for male cats
Uncommon, but beautiful names for male cats

There is nothing wrong with choosing a common name for your cat, such as Tiger, Birba or Oscar, but if you want to stand out, then you will have to prefer names for male cats uncommon.

There are so many to choose from, drawing inspiration, for example, from films, colors or pure fantasy. You can also choose a name for a cat that does not exist, composing an invented word, but that sounds good to your ears.

Here are some ideas of names, from which to take inspiration.



If you have a cat who loves being with everyone and who likes to receive a lot of affection, then you couldn't pick a better name than Bryer. This name, in the Canadian language, it means gentle and sweet.


For fans of classic fantasy literature, you can't go wrong choosing for your cat the name of a character from The Lord of the Rings.

Gandalf, in honor of the wizard protagonist of the novel, may not be exactly unique and unusual, but he is certainly particular and suitable if yours is a white or gray cat with a wise character.


cat with folded ears
cat with folded ears

If you have a lazy cat who likes to laze all day, the choice for its name and more unusual could be Hypnos, like the Greek god of sleep.


Pan is a name taken from another fantasy trilogy, These Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman Dark Materials, where there is a character in the form of a wild cat called Pantalaimon or Pan for short.

This name is perfect for fans of the novel, or for a very sensitive cat who is the antithesis of the daredevil.



If you have a white cat and are looking for a different name from the more common Snow or Marshmallow, Shiro might be the one.

This is a Japanese word which means, in fact, white.