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Strange cat behaviors: what they are and what they mean
Strange cat behaviors: what they are and what they mean

Sometimes cats do things that we humans have a hard time understanding why. The underlying cause of these strange behavior of the cat it is often related to the instincts left by their wild ancestors.

Let's find out what these particular cat attitudes are and why they behave like this.

Sit in or on top of paper boxes


Cats seem to love sitting on or inside paper boxes, no matter where they are placed in the house.

Cats do this because the experience of jumping and sliding in a box triggers in them the instinct to find protected spaces, where they are able to observe their entire environment (the house), but without being seen by others.

Running in the middle of the night

So long as cats are nocturnal animals, it is natural that they are more active at night. Since we are often not home during the day, they spend a lot of time sleeping during the day.

Before going to bed, play with your cats to help them expend energy so they can get more rest at night.

Also provide a feeding routine that provides cats with more energy during the day rather than at night to help them rest.

Committing thefts


Some cats try to take with them almost anything they can put their paws on.

If your cat receives attention from you for stealing things - even if it is negative attention - it can encourage the cat to continue doing it, rather than stop.

Stealing things, for the cat, is also a form of play. In this case, offer your cat something else to do like toys or, even better, establish a play routine.

Another possibility is that the cat is experiencing stress so stealing things helps him calm down.

Behaviors such as sucking wool, for example, have been observed in some cats as a way to calm down.

Sit on electronic equipment


Cats may choose to sit on or near electronic equipment, such as computers and TVs, because they are hot and have stimulating images on their screens.

Movement on the screen can appeal to a cat's natural curiosity. U

Another reason your cat sits on the television could be desire to receive your attentiontrying to break your concentration towards the screen.