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Ilary Blasi's new kitten, fans: "A bat"
Ilary Blasi's new kitten, fans: "A bat"

There Ilary Blasi's new kitten was officially presented on social media. The new member of the Totti family, on all fours, however, did not convince the followers.

ilary blasi and her cat
ilary blasi and her cat

The sphynx, a hairless and highly prized breed, did not convince and was compared to a bat. Yet it is a very docile feline with a thousand qualities, who knows if Blasi fans have been informed.

The newcomer to the Totti family

Probably not, yes they are stop at appearances. This is what happened when Ilary Blasi's new kitten entered 'society'. The photo, which immortalizes her with a Canadian sphynx puppy in her arms, has divided the web. Not only was the sweet kitten disliked, but some of the comments were really nasty.

The presenter of Big Brother Vip, after a period of absence from the web, presented Donna Paola “, The new arrival on all fours and tails. Many fans recalled his passion for this particular breed, and his desire to own a specimen.

A breed with many qualities

The sphynx, perhaps not everyone knows, it is among the hypoallergenic cat breeds and, therefore, perfect for those who want to adopt a feline but does not get along very well with the Fel D1 protein (the real responsible for sneezing and the like). It is not for unconditional love but, if he becomes attached to his bipedal friend, he can spend hours on his belly receiving pampering.

It is also among the prized breeds of cats, it is among the most felines sought after and expensive in the world. Its main characteristic is that it does not have any hair on its coat, and it is also known as a "naked cat".

The disappointment of the fans

comments on ilary blasi's new kitten
comments on ilary blasi's new kitten

Not all fans and followers have promoted Ilary Blasi's new kitten. There are those who have grasped the unusual characteristics of this small four-legged and who have stopped at a hasty and purely aesthetic evaluation.

"Ossegnu, looks like a mouse", and then: "Excuse me eh, but it is really bad / or this dog. A monster”, and again:“Or what is it? But a normal animal isn't it?”,“I liked your beauty and certainly not your kitty that looks like a bat”. In short, the comments they weren't very respectful and they have not shown any sensitivity towards the showgirl and a poor creature who has done nothing wrong, and who should not be judged on their appearance.

Pedigree or cattery?

A canadian sphynx can cost between 1500 and 3000 euros (depending on the breeding and genealogy). Some users have also criticized the choice of not having adopted a stray cat: “But instead of spending thousands and thousands of euros for the breeds… why didn't you get a foundling ??? Much less fashion, huh? Then avoid making a fake Red Cross nurse in Lourdes that you make a better impression. Shame.

Animals are not bought … they are adopted.. . Here is another watershed between those who believe that pedigree is important and those who think of less fortunate felines, who are waiting to receive a little love and a warm home.