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Palermo, cat care clinic
Palermo, cat care clinic

When we say "vets with a heart of gold": the first opens in Palermo cat care clinic and it is Cat Friendly Gold. An isolated space dedicated to the specific needs of our beloved felines.

cat and vet
cat and vet

The goal is to reduce the stress that arises from living with other four-legged and non-four-legged friends. Every detail is designed to cure without necessarily turning into a dramatic experience.

The idea

black cat visits the vet
black cat visits the vet

The cat care clinic in Palermo takes its cue from UK experience. An experiment that has already been tried, therefore, and which has brought surprising results.

Dedicated spaces, and above all separated, to our kittens who have characters and attitudes almost always very different from other pets who are brought to the vet to receive the best care. And this is precisely what we want to guarantee to the felines, and to all the other patients of this 'cat-friendly clinic': respect for sensitivity and needs, which are different and specific each time.

The veterinarians

cat sniffs stethoscope
cat sniffs stethoscope

It is precisely on the basis of real dedication that this clinic is born. They made the dream come true Giuseppe and Andrea Marcenò, two brothers sharing the same course of study and love for animals, especially felines.

Anyone who owns a cat knows this, in most cases taking it to the vet is an experience that does not always go smoothly, and 90% of them perceive the medical examination as a source of stress because they are animals very sensitive to the stimuli of the outside world, to new places, sounds and smells and above all to the presence of other animals”- says Andrea Marcenò.


games for cats
games for cats

Indeed, the cat care clinic has a entire department dedicated exclusively to cats, separate and quiet from that used by other waiting patients, who in any case receive all the attention and love they need.

Solid, clean and safe cages, large enough to accommodate a bed, litter box and bowls, always adequately distant from each other. The owners also have the possibility to leave the felines favorite blankets, so as to reassure them and alleviate the sense of nostalgia.

All staff are trained to manage and treat these particularly sensitive pets with understanding, gentleness and respect; fundamental is the use of pheromones in the waiting room common, to ensure a more relaxing and soothing environment. A small area was also set up to distract the patient with the game.

“Our project wants to be concrete help not only for the benefit of the animal but also for individual owners who are often discouraged from taking their cat to the doctor because they are already aware of the stress that the veterinary environment and the long waits in the waiting room cause to the cat , concludes Andrea.

Specialized departments

cat on table for veterinary examination
cat on table for veterinary examination

Naturally, Animal Hospital guarantees assistance and specific treatments for all other home's pets thanks to the various equipped departments:

  • Cryotherapy;
  • Internal Medicine;
  • General surgery;
  • Anesthesiology,
  • Orthopedics;
  • Radiology;
  • Cardiology;
  • Neurology;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Gastroenterology;
  • Analysis laboratory.

Even the care of the cat in the pot-operative phase follows precise rules that respect its well-being. What more could our four-legged friend want? And what more do we need to take him on a visit with a slightly lighter heart? Fortunately, every now and then, we become aware of virtuous realities that have the well-being of Miao and all other pets as their primary objective.