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Cat denied to transsexual on WhatsApp
Cat denied to transsexual on WhatsApp

Cat denied to transsexual. Titian wants to adopt him, he is ready to give him the love he deserves and the care he needs; but a message on WhatsApp puts an end to everything.

calico cat
calico cat

It is a gratuitous and unjustified act of discrimination. An episode born of ignorance and of an era in which we still hear talk without foundation.

The story

Tiziano is determined, he wants to adopt a four-legged friend, he already knows which one: he has chosen him among many. However, the seller blocks everything with one lapidary phrase: “We don't sell to transsexuals”. The answer was equally concise, but pertinent: "Shame on you."

And it is precisely what we should give, especially in 2019. Especially after years of struggles and of battles against discrimination and inequality, against those who believe that love has sex, skin color and religion.

The cat was denied him because he was transsexual, as if he was unable to give love and attention. But are we sure that it is Titian who is not capable of it?

The story of titian

The agreement was now concluded, the economic details and the place of delivery were missing; then, the frozen shower. Find a announcement on, call, talk to the seller, from Frosinone. Initially he is friendly, helpful. There seems to be a general agreement for the sale of a specimen of a tricolor calico cat, a little girl then.

Tiziano Gargano is 50 years old, and he is gay. A detail that shouldn't matter, but instead it matters. He is a traffic auxiliary in Cassino, has long blond hair. The profile picture is public: blue eyes, a trickle of makeup, a crucifix. This is yet another episode of homophobia, unfortunately one of many: insults and threats, damage to the car. Everything reported, even the last one.

The complaint

“I didn't imagine that even buying a cat could become a problem”. The feline had to be a companion gift with whom he has been together for 20 years. The advertiser, after telling Tiziano that they would be updated for details on WhatsApp, changes his mind and writes a message: "We do not sell to transsexuals". Tiziano replies: "Shame on you."

The owner of the cat blocks him. Thus ends the story or, rather, with a public complaint to the media: “It is absurd that in 2019 people will be discriminated against for their sexual orientation. On the other hand, I'm not transsexual, I'm gay and I'm happy. I have had a fulfilling sentimental situation for many years. Evidently when the seller saw my profile picture on WhatsApp, he was outraged, he was shocked. And it showed itself for what it is”.