Moderattarian life
Moderattarian life

It's funny but I've never loved social media. I created my Facebook account on the wave of initial enthusiasm but I soon got tired.

I also have an Instagram account, created to follow my son, when, as a teenager, he looked out on the net but once I saw that the boy was doing very well without me … I dropped that too because I was bored.


However, I liked a page very much: as a good cat lady, I followed assiduously My Cat is a legend, I loved and still love its photographic and informative aspect and then I have always been moved by reading the true stories of cats and their humans.

One fine day, by chance, I read that the page also has a group, I subscribe, convinced that I would have looked out every now and then to relax and instead from that moment the community and I have never left each other.

It cannot be defined as a simple Facebook group, My Cat is Legend, it is a family, where you feel at home, an extended family, as defined by the coordinator of the moderators, Angelo Bellotto, a family in which everyone finds hospitality and warmth, in which everyone shares the joys and sorrows of a life as a cat.

My attachment to the group quickly led me to be taken into consideration as a moderator, I was happy, I would say honored and accepted the position with great joy. Since I became a mod I have lived this business with great passion, a passion that few other things in life have done to me and make me feel.


My son, who has never seen me so assiduously attached to my cell phone or computer before, teases me, saying that by now I seem like a superficial social addict, but, after having allowed himself the pleasure of mocking his mother, he always proves to be very happy that the cat mother who touched him can fully live his passion.

In a group based on love for nature, for animals and, in our case for cats, not only loved by us, but revered as in antiquity, the role of the moderator is not only to enforce the regulation, certainly the main and important aspect, but it is also that of comforting members in times of pain, protecting them from bad information, directing them towards a correct management of life with their cat and each of us does it with the heart according to their skills.

When I was asked to become a moderator, my colleague and friend La Stefy told me: “we of the mod team are a family”… it was very short time to agree with her.

We moderators of the group My cat is a legend together with our captain Angelo Bellotto, an angel in name and in fact … the true guardian angel of us and of the whole group, we are a really united team … a very strong team, made up of fantastic people to put it mildly to Checco Zalone.

In our team, everyone's relationship with everyone is not a simple collaboration in the management of a community, we are friends, we are on the same wavelength, we understand each other immediately, we respect each other, we stop to evaluate the point of view of other with humility and with the certainty that the opinion of each of us is valid and competent, guided by the heart and love for cats.

We are so united that many times, when special things or news happen in our lives, we communicate these events to the team even before telling our loved ones.

We are a great team of "Moderate … Moderate-Cat" as our companion Sonia Favretto renamed us with very appropriate irony.

Without the group, which for me is now home, a house with beautiful people, true friends and above all deep souls … because deep is the soul of those who love cats, without my Moderate team and without our Captain I could no longer stay, I could do without all the social networks, the internet and any device but from My cat is a legend and my moderator team no, I could not do without.

With great joy I will be happy, if you are too, readers and readers, to continue to tell here my, our moderate stories …

Now I'd better say hello … I have to run away … I'm in trouble … I'm in a hurry … who knows how many will understand me … I'm a woman, a person, I have to do my homework, I have to do the most trivial and simple things like eating, taking a shower, work but I can do all this in a bit longer than other people, because during all my activities … one of my cats jumps on me, makes me pasta, sucks my shirts, gives me his belly for the scratchers, invites me to unmissable pampering sessions that end only when he decides … so I run away … we gattari … we are always late …

By Alessandra Bosco