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Wary Maine Coon? Here's what to do
Wary Maine Coon? Here's what to do

The Maine Coon is known for its very affectionate personality, which is often compared to that of a dog. However, there is another distinctive trait in the character of this cat breed.

It may happen that, towards strangers, the Maine Coon is wary. Here's what to do.

The temperament

maine coon puppy on bed
maine coon puppy on bed

This kitten is known for its playful and mischievous personality and is recommended for people more prone to dogs or for those who wish their cat to be very affectionate.

The Maine Coon is a very intelligent breed and they require attention from their owner, especially for playing together.

Their nature so playful, associated with the physical size of these cats, it can sometimes be a problem, in the sense that, by moving, they can confuse the house, breaking pots or causing objects to fall off shelves and furniture.

The shyness of the Maine Coons

Maine Coon always meows: what's wrong?
Maine Coon always meows: what's wrong?

Maine Coon cats, however, they can be shy of new people, since they harbor distrust of those who come into contact with them, but who are not part of the family unit.

Despite this, the feline can manage to overcome this shyness once it gets to know new people or other pets.

Maine Coon cats are very loyal to their family, which they love every single member of, but usually don't trust strangers.

Those who already have this breed of cat know that every time guests enter the house, the cat hides from them, running away.

All Maine Coon cats are known for this behavior. However, when the cat learns that those people are close to the family or that those guests are well-liked, the Maine Coon will calm down.

How to prevent your cat from being shy around new people

cat on scratching post tower
cat on scratching post tower

There are ways to make your cat more outgoing and get him out from under the sofa or bed when there are guests in the house.

If you have adopted a puppy kitten, make sure that the people you care about, but who are not part of the family, are immediately close to your cat.

The sooner Maine Coon cats are accustomed to people entering your home, the more they will see them as a daily occurrence and will be regarded as part of their environment.

For older cats, it takes a lot of patience.

Dragging the Maine Coon out of whatever they are hiding (the sofa or bed) will not solve the problem.

By forcibly taking the cat out of a place that is comfortable for him, it will only cause him so much fear.

Instead, try to give them space to go out on their own; they will start peeking at new people more and more, every time they hear their voices in the house, because they become more and more familiar to them each time.

When the cat approaches the host , try to pay attention to his messages, he might want to get attention from them, so tell your guests to pet him, to get even more intimate.

Kindness, acceptance and attention are all the tools you need to lessen your kitten's shyness.