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Cat lost in the woods, adopted on Christmas Eve
Cat lost in the woods, adopted on Christmas Eve

Santa Claus this year gave a really nice gift to lost cat in the woods. He was not only saved, but also adopted by a family that will no longer make him feel in danger.

cat rescued from the cold of the woods
cat rescued from the cold of the woods

A misadventure that could have ended badly that of the cat, also considering the low temperatures of the season, but which had the scent of Christmas.

The story

The story of the cat lost in the woods is unbelievable. Saved from certain death, in fact, he found a home on the day of the Christmas' Eve, just a few hours before the birth of Jesus. Who knows if it is not a rebirth for him, instead: between the care and attention of a loving family.

Found again in the woods of the Bormida Valley, thanks to the help of a special person, the cat had been hospitalized in recent days by the volunteers of the Animal Protection Agency of Savona.

The happy ending

The best gift he could receive, probably unexpected among the ENPA clubs, arrived on Christmas Eve. This is the fable that the Lord (for those who believe) or destiny wanted to give to the kitten who, after being lost in the woods, had the double luck of being found and adopted by a family. A story similar to that of a kitten under the tree, but this one dates back to 2016.

Animal rights activists who took charge of it said: "The wood is in one of the municipalities whose mayor, like several colleagues in the Valley, Finale and Albenganese, twenty years after the law that entrusts its he treats cats (and dogs) injured, run over and abandoned, he has not yet had the decency to honor her ".

"The ENPA volunteers dedicate the photos of the kitten to them, in the slight hope that it will open their dry hearts", they conclude. And we hope that winter, really difficult for strays to deal with, don't be too hard on those who don't have the luck of a warm and loving home. The one that instead found the cat protagonist of this story.