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Kitten drowned for play: mistreatment in Pagani
Kitten drowned for play: mistreatment in Pagani

Once again a case of insane animal abuse, once again in Pagani, in the province of Salerno. In fact, one kitten was drowned for play in the square.

Animal rights activists denounce the incident, calling it: "A gesture without dignity".

Now those responsible for this vile and unjustifiable gesture are being sought and the help of possible witnesses is sought. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case.

The autopsy leaves no doubt

The kitten was drowned for play. A few days later, after the checks by the local health authority, it is confirmation also arrived than was already suspected. "The autopsy on the carcass confirmed death by drowning. Fortunately, the police have requisitioned the footage from the video surveillance cameras, and we hope that those responsible are identified ", this is the statement of the animal rights activists.

“The civilization of a people is measured by the way in which it treats animals. We wonder what clicks, what prompts someone to get a pain free, to create an ugliness, which finds no logical explanation, invalid definition if not pure evil, which has no justification . Thus begins the note with which the association that manages the Pagani refuge explains the insane gesture of those who, on the night between Christmas and Santo Stefano, drowned a kitten in the fountain in Piazza Sant 'Alfonso. It is not even an isolated case, unfortunately. Not long ago they killed a poor kitten and threw it into a fountain.

The search for those responsible

kitten drowned for fun, the perpetrators are sought
kitten drowned for fun, the perpetrators are sought

Volunteers from the area throw a appeal to those who know or have witnessed to the mistreatment: "We ask you to distance yourself from a hideous, gratuitous, meaningless gesture, and of great social disvalue".

“A gesture that certifies the death of the sense of respect of nature, of creation, of the weakest, of the different, of the family, because those who have committed this gesture have neither address nor values, but perhaps they are just bored and spoiled people, in search of strong emotions, at the expense of a unfortunate. In a city that boasts its values of Christian love and respect, we ask you to distinguish yourself by speaking , the invitation comes directly from the pagan kennel.