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Kitten trapped in the attic, lasts for weeks
Kitten trapped in the attic, lasts for weeks

The story we are about to tell you is incredible. A kitten trapped in the attic of a former business is saved after several weeks. The surgery that put an end to his suffering dates back to last Sunday.

kitten trapped in the attic rescued
kitten trapped in the attic rescued

The kitten was in the center of Oderzo, in the province of Treviso, and could not free herself, so much so that she stayed there for several days. The humidity of the place allowed it to survive.

The story

The kitten trapped in the attic was disappeared from home on November 26, more than a month ago. The owners searched far and wide for Macchietta, but to no avail. In mid-December, however, the turning point came.

Some passersby have heard gods suspicious and continuous meowing inside the former pizzeria in via Manin. It was here that he had decided to take refuge, in fact, probably to withstand the low temperatures typical of this period of the year, without being able to get out because of an attic panel. This story is reminiscent of the cat lost in the woods. Fortunately, there was a happy ending for him too, on Christmas Eve.

The reporting of passers-by

piazza di oderzo with a trapped kitten
piazza di oderzo with a trapped kitten

It was the inhabitants of Oderzo who raised the alarm and called the Fire fighters who sifted through the entire area with the thermal camera, but unfortunately still without success.

On Sunday, however, a volunteer from the Treviso OIPA launched another report: the decisive one. The zoophile guards this time - together with the help of the local Enpa, the firefighters and a technician - they managed to free her and take her to the veterinarian for the necessary treatment.

Fortunately, the degree of humidity that was in the attic allowed the kitten not to die of dehydration after a few days. The story that closes the Christmas holidays is miraculous. Now the little cat will be able to embrace human mum and dad, who by now had lost all hope.

The statements

Thanks to all the people who wrote to us and encouraged us not to give up, thanks to the Fire Brigade, the local police and the technician who managed to recover Macchietta in two hours, special thanks to our volunteer guards, Iris, Franca and Sandra and the people who were present to give support”, reads the post on the social networks of the Treviso Oipa.

Animals are a fundamental part of the world we live in, they are in tune with the universe and are connected to us through nature. We must respect them, protect them and, if in danger, always help”, he concludes.