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Newborn Siamese kittens: what to do
Newborn Siamese kittens: what to do

All newborn cats are very tender, they need their mother to survive during the first weeks of life and, therefore, a lot of attention and care.

If you have adopted gods newborn Siamese kittens, what to do to raise them if they are separated from their mother.

The newborn Siamese kitten


Like all newborn puppies, Siamese babies are also born with closed eyes and small folded ears.

This is why the kitten, at first, cannot see and hear.

Also, a puppy can't move very well and is only able to reach the mother's belly to feed on her milk.

Newborn Siamese have completely white hair and only after the first week of his life, you could see the colors that his coat will have in adulthood.


In the weeks following birth, the cat will grow very quickly.

The second week he will double his weight and his sense of smell will start working. He will be able to move a little better and in the third week he will be able to get up best on its paws.

The Siamese kitten's ears will also stand up and look very large compared to its small head.

The cat will also develop its teeth as well as its adult color during this time. At about five weeks, the puppy will start behaving more like a small cat than a helpless baby.

His mother will start weaning him, encouraging him to eat solid foods. At eight weeks you will clearly see her color spots developing, even if they will still be a little light.

Between five and thirteen weeks, human contact is essential to make sure your puppy is able to socialize with people.

Final stage of growth

siamese kitten
siamese kitten

Once the Siamese kitten is six months old, it will move easily and has reached its sexual maturity.

He will not be considered an adult, however, in all respects until he is two years old.

Its color will continue to darken for most of its life, even if it has developed well by the age of one year.

What to do if the mother is not there in the first months of life

If you have adopted a newborn Siamese kitten who was separated from his mother early on, then you will need to provide his first care.

First of all, you will have to worry about its nutrition, to keep him warm and to develop his social skills.

Milk from a mother cat provides everything a kitten needs during the first four weeks of life.

If you have newborn kittens that have been separated from their mother, immediately consult a veterinarian who can help you find another mother cat with a small litter to join your little one.

If you can't find a foster mother, then you can give a breast milk replacement that is suitable for newborn kittens.

Avoid offering cow's milk instead, as it is not easily digested and can cause diarrhea.



When orphaned Siamese puppies have in three to four weeks, you can start offering solid foods and moist, easily chewable.

From six to seven weeks, cats should be able to chew dry food and no longer need to moisten it.

Puppies are typically fully weaned at around eight weeks of age.

Kittens need large amounts of energy, about two to three times that of an adult cat.

Food for your kitten should contain at least 30% protein, so make sure the food you offer is specifically formulated for kittens.

How to keep your puppy warm

You must then provide your little Siamese with a source of heat, positioned so that the kitten can move away or approach it at will.

Consult your veterinarian on ideal temperatures; you can use a bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel, for example.