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Behavior between cats: how to make them live together at home
Behavior between cats: how to make them live together at home

The behavior between cats it can be incredibly well balanced, if the bosses manage to create a peaceful coexistence.

To let two or more cats live in the same environment, you will need to consider a few things, first of all the character of the animals, the breed and age.

The social structure of cats


The ability to be together is more complex in cats than in dogs, even if we do coexist a dominant cat with a submissive cat.

The owner must therefore make well-considered choices, for the success of socialization at home.

First of all, even if it's cats, there must be adequate spaces in the house, so as to avoid conflicts between puppies. Each animal must have its own space of autonomy, in order not to create competitions.

There must be space for everyone's food, a quiet place for everyone to rest, and so on.

Each cat must have its own litter box, which you must always keep clean. Even the cuddles must be the same towards every cat living in the single house.

In addition, cats cannot share either the scratching post or the

bed for rest.

In short, it is important to guarantee the independence of each cat to keep social relations stable and positive.

The character and the race


Before adopting a second cat at home, consider the character of the cat who already lives with you.

Usually, the best thing to do is to choose cats that are quite similar in character; the quiet are made nervous by the more active cats and vice versa.

Furthermore, young cats are more flexible than older ones and socialize more easily; for this reason, if you plan to adopt more cats, do it right away.

Furthermore, cats of the same breed are already very similar in character and if you decide to get more than one, the simplest thing is to get them from the same breeder or, even better, to choose two siblings. or little sisters.

The latter usually get along very well, have a very similar temperament and then grow in the same way.