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Lost kittens: there is an app to find them with your smartphone
Lost kittens: there is an app to find them with your smartphone

Finally, an app has arrived that can find the lost kittens. It is a device connected to our mobile phone that allows us to monitor our four-legged friends.

cat with geolocation on the collar
cat with geolocation on the collar

The fear of losing sight of Miao, always curious and eager to explore, will hardly pass; but now we have a precious ally to avoid losing any trace of it. Technology comes to our aid.

A revolutionary app

A few days ago the news of a kitten trapped in the attic of a former pizzeria, treats safe after weeks from bewilderment. The owners had now lost hope and the kitten was saved only thanks to the high humidity that prevented her from dying from dehydration.

Facts of this kind, which have many lost kittens as protagonists, do not always end well, however. Here then comes the Movetrack Pet Tracker: a smart device based on the GPS location. We can finally identify the exact position of our feline in real time; as well as watching him from a distance while he plays, sleeps or destroys our sofas when we are at work.

How does it work

curious cat with geolocation for lost kittens
curious cat with geolocation for lost kittens

The GPS that tracks the movements of our four-legged friend can be positioned on a common collar. Using the mobile app, you can then trace a virtual fence: every time Miao crosses it, it will be monitored and we will be notified immediately.

There is also a laser engraved QR code with owner information. This allows the device to connect quickly and organize the pet's return home.

There is also one LED light which can be activated via the smartphone, so that the dog or cat is much more visible (especially at night). It is also possible to set activity goals to ensure proper psycho-physical growth.

A whole community

The app is downloadable for free on your smartphone and you can join the community of pet owners, so as to intensify their social life and share interesting stories if you feel like it. There are also tips and tricks for managing Miao and Fido.

The tracker battery has a life span average of 15 days, after which it needs to be recharged. It is resistant to water and dust and can be adapted to any type of collar or harness. There are many models on the market, but new ones are expected between March and June of 2020. The new year brings with it another important novelty: Lombardy also makes the microchip mandatory for cats. Don't you know what it is? Here's how it works and who to contact.