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The mayor cat: in Gravellona Lomellina it is Marina who celebrates weddings
The mayor cat: in Gravellona Lomellina it is Marina who celebrates weddings

Tricolor band tailored for the cat mayor, a professional air and attention to playing a very important role: accompanying Laura and Alessandro in the celebration of their union.

sleeping mayor cat
sleeping mayor cat

It happens in the province of Pavia, in Gravellona Lomellina, a town of nearly three thousand inhabitants. The cat in question, in fact - the third to fill this role - during the day 'works' in the municipal offices, at night she returns to the home of her owner, Massimo Rossi.

First Ciccetti

Even if for the cat mayor Marina it was the first time, it is not the first case of celebration on all fours, tail and fur. "It was April 2005, and I found a tiger cat in front of the archive," says Rossi. “I called my colleagues. We took her to the office and she has stayed with us ever since."

City officials post advertisements, but without having positive responses for the little cat. With the approval of the mayor - who, it may be a coincidence, is called Francesco Ratti - they decide to offer her a new home right within the administrative walls of the town.

Ciccetti, as they called it, becomes a roommate in all respects, giving a little of his love and doing pet therapy to employees and users. Unfortunately, in 2009 Felv died of feline leukemia. It was a real mourning for all those who had learned to love her. Massimo Rossi was the official who suffered the most: at the Vigevano cattery, encouraged by his colleagues, he found Pippi. A love at first sight and symbiotic.

Then the promotion of Pippi

Pippi quickly becomes the new cat mayor of Gravellona Lomellina, almost by chance. A photos on Facebook and the news of the new arrival in the municipality, in fact, triggers a call from the editorial office of Adnkronos, with which he asks to speak with the mayor: the one on all fours though.

In 2013 she too fell ill of the same disease as those who preceded it. The treatments only lasted three weeks, unfortunately. I buried her in my garden, like the other one, in the shade of a rose. For me she was like a daughter”, says Massimo Rossi.

And then Marina, the protagonist of this story

Some time passed, and he adopted Marina, the protagonist of this singular story: "She is much more lively, but looks a lot like Pippi. We have always found cats that have adapted well to the office environment ". He sleeps on his desks and, when a citizen arrives who has to do some paperwork, he also does the necessary public relations.

"I'm a bit nervous in character, his presence helps me, if I caress it, it calms me. I do not know why. She is the first 'commuter', she comes home with me every night ", concludes her adoptive father. From 13 July 2013 it is the new first town of the Municipality. An extraordinary story that fills the hearts of young and old.