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Wounded cats: the 118 veterinarian is born in Campania
Wounded cats: the 118 veterinarian is born in Campania

Now i injured cats they have their 118. No more expensive care and entrusted only to the good heart of free citizens who love animals. The news comes from Campania with the start of the new year.

red cat and stethoscope
red cat and stethoscope

A toll-free number for animals in difficulty, a real first aid for those who need to be treated urgently. A turning point that we hope will also inspire the other regions of Italy.

What is it about

A will be established green number for injured cats, and not just for them, that anyone can call for help. This is a project envisaged in the provisions approved by the Campania Region, and contained in Law 3 of April 2019.

As the text states, they are: "Provisions aimed at promoting and protecting the respect and welfare of pets and prevent stray dogs". An act of civilization towards the four legs who always show unconditional love towards the human being.

The number will be active by January 2020 and connected to the veterinary emergency room, which will report to ASL Napoli 1. A regional archive of animals and owners will also be created, in order to prevent abandonment and fight stray animals.

Many are the volunteers of animal welfare organizations who every day save sick and / or injured animals, trying to find a way to pay medical bills of individual cases, now it will no longer be necessary to jump through hoops: dogs and cats will no longer enter the hospital just for pet therapy, now they too will be treated.

The intentions

The regional administration states: "Our goal is to implement a humanization of relations between fellow citizens and the animal world, exercising forms of violence against people or animals makes no difference and must be fought both on a regulatory and cultural level. We intend to establish in an organized manner and on a regional basis the toll-free number for the veterinary emergency room, just to start ".

Sick animals will have a hospital where they will receive the care they deserve without financial constraints. “It is a service that has great relevance to people's lives. Let's not forget that there is a wide range of people for whom a pet is a reason for living. I am referring to the elderly, to children with forms of disability. It is, therefore, an intervention that also looks at people. If something happens to our animals, we now know who to contact at any time”, said the president of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca.