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10 aggressive cat breeds
10 aggressive cat breeds

Excluding wild cats such as tiger, cheetah, leopard, panther and so on; there are some aggressive cat breeds even among domestic ones or in any case with a size that brings them very close to the four-legged friend who lives with us.

Sphynx cat
Sphynx cat

However, not all cats are more skeptical and independent than other pets, and sometimes they can have a somewhat complex character, so to speak. The degree of tolerance, in fact, is not always the same and may also depend on a genetic issue.


Among the most prized, and also expensive, cats, there is certainly the king of the suspicious: the sphynx. It requires a little more attention from those who adopt it to be happy. However, it is quite a threatening cat by nature.

This is why it enters the top ten of aggressive cat breeds by right. It is a feline very demanding, who wants to know that he is in the first place. When this does not happen, he protests by showing intolerance. It's not necessarily dangerous, just irritating.


Siamese cat
Siamese cat

Siamese are truly adorable felines, at least from an aesthetic point of view. They have very wide eyes and a mantle to be envied. However, they are not among the friendliest breeds around.

They are known to bond primarily with one person in the house, and not with others. When we say: “Two weights and two measures”. This feline will show unconditional love towards whomever she chooses as mom / dad and will ignore other family members, including children.


The bombay is among the aggressive cat breeds, not surprisingly it resembles a splendid one panther in miniature. It is a very elegant and quiet-loving feline, whoever undermines it will receive a certain degree of disappointment.

It's a lot distrustful of children. His sensitivity makes him very nervous if he feels threatened. However, he is very playful towards those he considers part of the family.


Welsh cat
Welsh cat

It is not very aggressive, but not particularly sociable. If he becomes protective of his adoptive family, it means that he has put in a lot of effort.

He will play and show affection to the owners, but he will not give confidence to others. The same is true for animals: his detachment is unconditional. Finally, when (and only if) he is provoked, he will use his aggression.


Its origin is easily identified by its name: it is a feline from southern Malaysia. This breed is rarely sociable and prefers to spend time hiding from people and not interacting. Despite this, he is active and curious and likes to meddle with facts that do not concern him.

Unfortunately, he sometimes tends to be aggressive. If you feel unsafe, don't think twice about it biting, scratching and blowing. Ironically, however, he does not disdain contact with man, even if it takes some time before he trusts him. It is among the cats that remain small.


korat cat
korat cat

Thanks to his silver cloak and with two big eyes, you can recognize it among a thousand. It is part of the aggressive cat breeds because, by nature, it is easily frightened. He does not like the company of the little ones because, generally, they are noisy and unpredictable.

When the korat sees a child it becomes very hostile, but he's just afraid. If he feels unsafe, he may go as far as hissing or growling to protect the territory.

Scottish fold

It is the classic example of the fact that Appearances are deceiving. It is, in fact, probably the cutest feline ever; but he is among those most nervous about his neighbor.

This cat likes to get attached to one or two humans, preferably those who take care of him every day. If we intend to adopt a second pet, dog or cat, or we have human puppies around the house, he is not the most suitable for living together.

Bengal cat

bengal cat
bengal cat

This is a very charming feline. In reality it is a hybrid: a cross between Asian leopard and domestic cat. Because of this, he can be both energetic and affectionate. This, however, only for those who adopt it.

It won't effort to get to know strangers, towards which he will become very shy. This is often mistaken for aggression. However, the Bengali is only hostile when threatened or frightened, which will cause him to blow and stand on end.

American wirehair

The American wirehair has a very bristly coat from which it takes its name. It is not an affectionate cat, and is often hostile towards humans.

Will demonstrate his aggression, if threatened, towards strangers, children and other animals. I recommend, if we decide to adopt it, we take into account its nature.

Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau cat
egyptian mau cat

Among the strange breeds of cats there is him: one of the felines most protective of all. The Egyptian mau is strongly linked to the family, but does not get along very well with those it does not know.

Most of the time he shows himself shybecomes aggressive when he feels he is in danger. He will blow, ring or even attack anyone who tries to touch his favorite toy, doghouse and bowl with food.