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The night of talking cats: between sacred and profane
The night of talking cats: between sacred and profane

Well yes, today we celebrate the night of talking cats. Could it be a coincidence that the day of Saint Anthony the Abbot, protector of animals, falls?

cat talking
cat talking

Let's delve into ancient myths and legends, because our beloved four-legged friends, so venerated even in ancient times, are given the gift of the word on January 17th.

Sacred and profane

sant'antonio abate, protector of pets
sant'antonio abate, protector of pets

The Christian calendar devotes several days to our cats and animals in general. In addition to Sant’Antonio Abate who is celebrated today and who protects pets, those for companionship to be clear; on March 17 we celebrate - together with Saint Patrick - Saint Gertrude, the protector of cats; and on 4 October San Francesco and World Animal Day (perhaps the best known).

These cults, especially in certain areas of Italy, they are deeply felt by those who believe and are tied to traditions, and by lovers of four-legged friends, whether they are dogs or cats. The night of the talking cats, then, adds that dose of mystery that doesn't hurt.

Cats can talk

This is it peculiarity of January 17, which distinguishes this date from other days dedicated to our beloved animals that are now part of our life at 360 degrees and are treated as if they were children.

According to ancient legends, in fact, only on this occasion is he given the ability to speak. During these special hours, therefore, the bipedal-quadrupedal distance is shortened more and more. And the saying "he just misses the word" does not apply to a whole day.

What would they tell us?

In reality, however, the real question is: if cats could talk really what would they tell us? The most passionate 'cat lovers' would be so curious to find out, and so would we to tell the truth.

Food, pampering and attention certainly come first, and then what? The more we stay in contact with our beloved felines, the closer we will get to their needs, words or meows it doesn't matter. In the meantime, here's how to understand the language of the cat.