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Rescue a newborn kitten, woman goes back to get her little brother
Rescue a newborn kitten, woman goes back to get her little brother

This story comes from Los Angeles, in the United States. A woman save a newborn kitten and then decides to go back to get his brother.

newborn kitten between the blankets
newborn kitten between the blankets

He waited for hours in front of his house, where he found the kittens, but his mother never showed up; at that point he decides to feed her and offer her a warm and safe place.

A general mobilization

Save a newborn kitten, but not alone. In fact, he also contacts the rescuers in the area and Anais Brochard, a Kitten Rescue operator, who had offered to stall the unfortunate little girl.

Another person, interested in the fate of the cat, arranges transportation so that he could find permanent accommodation that night. “They put the kitten in a box with some warm rice-filled socks on the passenger seat and drove for 20 minutes. I had the bottle ready and she ate very well from the start, said Anais. Fortunately, the same fate befell a kitten without an eye that was saved by the ENPA.

Two days later

newborn kitten
newborn kitten

Two days after the kitten was found, the woman he also finds his mom and another puppy near the barbecue in the garden: “He decided to feed her and drink, but the cat was afraid and growled at her. The next day he finds the kitten alone, inside the niche, said the volunteer.

Unfortunately he does not go back to retrieve the little tabby, despite him meowing loudly looking for his mother. Knowing that the kitten would not be able to survive alone, the woman then welcomes him to her home, organizing the transfer to the same house as her sister: "When the kitten arrived, we put it with the kitten, and immediately they started to pamper yourself to get warm ".

Inseparable brother and sister

Button and Cotton, these are their names, they are now well and live in symbiosis. "He was very hungry when I first took him. After a few days they both weighed exactly 100 grams, "said Anais," Their backs are always next to each other."

Their eyes they are curious and the ears always on the move to pick up every little noise. They started walking and exploring. They do everything together and are inseparable.