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Adopt a 26-year-old cat - a dignified life to the end for Thomas
Adopt a 26-year-old cat - a dignified life to the end for Thomas

This is the story of a woman who adopt a 26-year-old cat to give him a life worthy of the name for the last few years he has left. The feline is called Thomas and arrives in the cattery after the death of its ultra-centennial owner.

26 year old cat
26 year old cat

The volunteers of the shelter and some animal lovers, learned of the serious illness that had taken away the human father of the feline, immediately set about finding a new accommodation for the elderly cat. He certainly didn't deserve to die inside a box.

Thomas's story

Woman who adopts a 26-year-old cat finds him at Baltimore County Animal Services, Baldwin, in Maryland, brought there because his bipedal friend was no longer able to care for him.

Thomas arrives with various health problems - including severe dental pathologies, arthritis, hyperthyroidism and a consequent enlarged liver. However, the kitten is very sweet to anyone. He just wants to eat - he is very greedy - and receive pampering from the refuge staff. The video at the bottom of the page proves it!

The appeal to find him a home

cat in the carrier
cat in the carrier

They then decide to publish a post on Facebook: “We were amazed that within one minute of publication of Thomas, a kindhearted lady commented that she would take him,”said one of the volunteers.

Laura Cassiday, of the Animal Allies Rescue Foundation, notices this right away and lets them know that the cat could have lived in his last years with her: "When I saw '26 ', I knew he would come home with me," said Cassiday.


Two volunteers, then, prepare the cat for the big day: his new human mom would pick him up the next day: "We've never met a cat that old, but we have to say he's as lively as a ten-year-old, he's super friendly and super cuddly!"

These words are confirmed by a tender video. When the woman arrives, the cat is a little shy: "It took a little patience to get Thomas out from behind the toilet, but then he relaxed," said Cassiday. Fortunately, the same fate befell a newborn kitten and her little brother.