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Euthanized the cat by mistake, the vet should have done a simple vaccine
Euthanized the cat by mistake, the vet should have done a simple vaccine

These are stories we would never want to tell. A terrible medical error, in fact, ended the life of a feline in perfect shape. A veterinarian did the euthanizing the cat by mistake, in lieu of a routine vaccine for which the owner had taken him to the clinic.

sophie, kitten killed with euthanasia drug by mistake
sophie, kitten killed with euthanasia drug by mistake

A personal and emotional tragedy has struck a poor Texan woman who has been killed by mistake Sophie, her eight-year-old cat, whom she had taken to a veterinary hospital for a simple vaccine: Every time I close my eyes, I see that look on her face and I just can't get it out of my head,”explains Michelle Olson.

An absurd story

The woman and her husband had just adopted the unfortunate kitten and they had decided to take her to see the vet for a simple check-up and to vaccinate her against rabies. After a while, however, they received a call from the vet who had examined her, in person: "Please bring Sophie back here immediately, we gave her the euthanasia drug instead of a rabies vaccine," recalls Sophie's owner..

The cat was euthanized by mistake. I immediately took her out of her carrier and I picked her up, I talked to her because I knew they would be the last words he would hear. I knew she would not survive, I knew it”, says the woman,“She was practically dying in my arms”.

The sad ending

Unfortunately, Michelle Olson's feeling came true. The vets did everything to save her, but by now there was nothing more to do. The center acknowledged that it was wrong, but the woman decided not to take legal action.

“My main concern is not to report them, but I just want to make people aware of these issues, to be vigilant, to ask questions that you don't normally think about asking your vet so that this doesn't happen to anyone else,”concluded Michelle Olson. Unfortunately Sophie did not have the same fate as the 26-year-old cat adopted after the death of her owner, to receive cuddles and attention until the end of her days.