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Cat discovering thieves while the dog sleeps
Cat discovering thieves while the dog sleeps

There is a lot of talk about Fido's sense of smell and hearing, molecular dogs who save people who have been missing for days and hunts with surprising results. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case with this story, that of one cat who discovers thieves indoors while the dog continues to nap.

Siamese cat
Siamese cat

There are many alarm systems to prevent criminals from entering private properties undisturbed. The protagonist of the family is a feline with an icy gaze.

Guard cat

The guard dog meows this time. The cat who discovers the thieves in the house, in fact, proves to be much more efficient than her roommate with the fame that precedes him. Lola continues to sleep, however: it is Nana who unmasks the infringement. A beautiful Siamese cat who lives in Ostia, in the province of Rome.

One evening, while everyone in the house is sleeping, he notices some suspicious movements. “I woke up while the cat was beating me with its paw on the face,” says Paola, her human mother.

And sleepy dog

Lola, on the other hand, the other four-legged roommate, continue to sleep noisily, quiet on the sofa, as if nothing had happened. At first, the woman thinks that Nana just wants to play or receive extra pampering, but she doesn't.

He insisted so much that I got up and I followed her. It was placed on the windowsill, I spotted myself and from the glass I saw a scene that I never would have imagined”. The house in Ostia Antica, a stone's throw from the capital, is also the headquarters of the European Organization for Civil Protection and Prevention Volunteers and the thieves are busy pushing a means of transport of the association by hand.

Incredulous to be faced with such a scene, Paola starts screaming, so as to make the three criminals escape. At least part of the equipment contained in the vehicle was recovered.