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Aphorisms about cats: feline or cuddly animal?
Aphorisms about cats: feline or cuddly animal?

There are those who believe that the cat is just an opportunistic predatory feline that only thinks about food. In fact, he can also be very sweet and affectionate. Let's see here some aphorisms about cats and some song quotes that describe him as an excellent travel companion.

The cat: what kind of friend is it to humans?

Red Cat
Red Cat

Generally, we talk about the dog as man's best friend, because it is considered more affectionate, cuddly and inclined to interact with humans. It may be more difficult to build a beautiful one relationship with the cat: he is a born predator and, as such, often prefers to stay in his own. But that's not always the case.

You need to know how to deal with cats: man must be able to understand his cat and make him feel comfortable in the environment in which he has to live. Only in this way can a very strong friendship be established that will allow both of them to have an inseparable coexistence.

Man must be good and go to meet his cat to conquer hers confidence. From the very beginning, you need to be well prepared to take care of the feline and give it the necessary attention that can make its life better.

cat seeks cuddles
cat seeks cuddles

There are some small and initial helpful tips, for example, on how to handle and educate a very small kitten. If we decide to get a newly born kitten, like a 3 week old cat, what should we do to help it get used to us? Please refer to the link.

The more attention you give to the puppy, the more he will understand that we are not a threat, indeed that we could become great friends. The cat will call us when it wants food, it will warn us early in the morning when it wakes up and needs us, it will demand cleanliness and every kind of comfort.

But then? Will there be more? Of course! He will really be able to repay us with a lot of affection, pampering and purring: so we too will understand how much it will be worth having been after him for a long time!

Here are some aphorisms about cats or some quotes from songs in which the cat is considered a great friend of man.

Aphorisms and quotes about cats

sweet kitten
sweet kitten
  • Even the smallest of felines, the cat, is a masterpiece. (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Once upon a time there was a cat / which had a black spot on its face / and an old attic near the sea / with a window one step away from the blue sky. / If I played the guitar / the cat purred and a / starlet came down close, close / then smiled at me and came back up. (Gino Paoli - Once upon a time there was a cat)
  • Cats can effortlessly do what is denied to humans: to go through life without making noise. (Ernest Hemingway)
  • The joy of having you as a friend / is enough for the heart. And of my tales and massacres / with your kisses, with your sweet moans, / you comfort me, / my cat! (Elsa Morante - Song for the cat Alvaro)
  • Come, my beautiful cat, on my / loving heart; / hold the claws of your paw, / and let us sink into your / beautiful striped eyes / of metal and agate. (Charles Baudelaire - The cat)
  • There is nothing sweeter, nothing that gives the skin a more delicate, more refined, more precious sensation than a cat's warm fur. (Guy de Maupassant)
  • "I've seen so many cats without a smile … - Alice exclaimed - but I've never seen a smile without a cat!" (Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland)
  • If you could cross a man with a cat, the human being would be improved, but the cat would get worse. (Mark Twain)
  • I've seen more people heal thanks to the company of a cat than tons of medicine have. (Enzo Jannacci)
  • What greater gift than the love of a cat? (Charles Dickens)