Kitten with the rarest eyes in the world, here's the video of this beautiful kitten
Kitten with the rarest eyes in the world, here's the video of this beautiful kitten

A kitten she is making the whole world fall in love with her beautiful eyes. Its name is Olive, an oriental mix and it is a cat born with a rare genetic condition: partial (or sectorial) heterochromia of the iris. This condition gives it a charming appearance and has earned it kitten fame with eyes more rare in the world. His eyes are half blue and half brown.

The Olive cat has an army of online admirers who follow him on his Instagram profile. It was bought on a site that sells pets but yours fascinating eyes they had gone unnoticed by the breeders, also because, initially, they were not so obvious. With the growth, however, his two-tone look caused by the partial (or sectorial) heterochromia of the iris has intensified and now makes everyone who sees it fall in love with it.

Its proud owner, Kim, a 50-year-old female, of Derby, shares photos and videos of her kitten Olive on social media, highlighting her rare genetic condition.


L' partial (or sectorial) heterochromia of the irisit usually occurs in white cats and is caused by the low levels of melanin in their body. It is a genetic condition.

Kim said she bought the kitten to complete the family. The woman has four other cats and she also wanted to have a white cat. When she chose him, however, she hadn't noticed the color of the eyes because Olive was still just a kitten.

As she grew older, the color of her eyes began to change surprising everyone with hers single two-tone shade. Olive's charming eyes and perfectly white fur have earned him hundreds of thousands of Instagram fans. There are many white cat breeds and people go crazy for them. Unfortunately, however, many white cats are deaf. This is not the case with Olive which its owner defines as perfect and unique in the world:

I didn't choose it for his eyes. It was dark enough and when I took it. The lady brought her to the light and said she had a bit strange eyes. I didn't know, however, what his eyes would become”.

Isn't that wonderful Olive? What do you think?