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The cat that says mom goes viral - VIDEO
The cat that says mom goes viral - VIDEO

The video of the cat saying mom it is truly amazing, the only way to believe our ears and the testimonies of the owner who holds it in his arms. In fact, if it were told to us, we would find it hard to believe and we would think of a suggestion on the part of those who look with the eyes of love.

cat being pampered
cat being pampered

The testimony that, when four-legged friends feel loved, empathy with their human adventure companions is truly something out of the ordinary: surprising!

The pampered and loved cat

The video of the cat saying mom, on input from her bipedal friend, is full of sweetness. The feline welfare, in the arms of those who love him and take care of him, he is visible and cannot be denied.

His owner urges him to say the first word of any newborn and the meow with which the feline responds it is very reminiscent of phonetics of the most beautiful name in the world. It will only be a suggestion, which so impresses the so-called 'cat lovers', but we were really moved by this video.

The love that a pet is capable of showing

The common myths about cats there are many, it is said that they are suspicious, independent, who do not like physical contact and who seek human beings only to eat or for other personal gains. The reality, as a person who recently discovered the feline world says, is that cats - as well as dogs - are capable of being grateful, faithful and of showing unconditional love. They do it in their own way, an unmistakable and very sweet way.

Delicate heads, clamps, search for physical contact and verses - the meow with which we identify them - which they reserve only for communication with us bipeds. What more can we want to believe in their interpersonal skills? If we are still skeptical, perhaps we should (re) watch the video and learn to understand the language of the cat.