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Cats thrown out of windows for Coronavirus psychosis
Cats thrown out of windows for Coronavirus psychosis

THE cats are thrown out of the windows and abandoned. It happens in China and depends on a widespread Coronavirus psychosis. In fact, many people mistakenly think that pets are able to transmit it to humans as well.

underground coronavirus cats
underground coronavirus cats

The scenes that have been seen on the streets for a few days are really difficult to bear. Many are the tortured bodies of these poor defenseless animals and unaware of the reason for so much malice. In addition to being unaware, they undergo unnecessary treatment.

Coronavirus in cats

The information circulated about the alleged pet infection is false. Coronavirus in cats, in fact, is very frequent and often asymptomatic. There are only some forms that endanger the life of the felines. And, in any case, they are the only ones to risk. Furthermore, it is an old virus, not the one that has affected the Chinese population.

Transmission to humans cannot occur through contact with animals. The slaughter of cats thrown out of the windows is absurd and is reaching worrying proportions. TO trigger psychosis however it was at the statement of Dr. Li Lanjuan, expert of the Health Commission (NHC), on Chinese state television, CCTV.

Misleading statements

dead cats on the street coronavirus
dead cats on the street coronavirus

“In this epidemic season, pet owners should strengthen the management of their animals. If your dogs run outside and come into contact with the outbreak or people infected with the virus, your pets should also be quarantined, he said.

"As the epidemic spreads among mammals, we should also take precautions against other mammals," he concluded. Some local media, then, they gave their interpretation and spread the news that pets can spread the Coronavirus.

The news spread quickly

The news went around the country after Zhibo China posted it on the social media platform Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter). Trying to stem the fakenews, then, China Global Television Network has published an official communication from the World Health Organization.

There is no evidence that show that pets such as dogs and cats can contract the new Coronavirus . In the meantime, however, there have been many cats thrown out of the windows for fear of contagion. Killed in an atrocious way by those who loved them and took care of them a few days before.

The rampant psychosis

Indeed, a village in Hebei called on all families to put their pets down within five days, otherwise state officials would have intervened. The same request would be made in Shaanxi.

In Wuhan, the city from which the epidemic started, a neighborhood has banned residents from letting their pets out, under penalty capture and killing of the same. In one area of Shanghai, however, it was forbidden to feed strays.

More moderate reactions

dog and cat with coronavirus mask
dog and cat with coronavirus mask

Those who did not let themselves be taken by the terror of the contagion, but still wanted to take precautions, provided them with some masks for cats and dogs. Their demand, understandably, in both the human and the feline versions is very high these days.

But what not everyone knows is that this situation does not stem the epidemic, indeed it facilitates it: "This is not the right approach for Chinese local authorities to address the national crisis that can be traced to the runaway wildlife trade in local markets," said Dr. Peter J. Li, specialist of the animal rights organization Humane Society International.

“Pets did not contribute to the outbreak of SARS in 2002-2003. They have nothing to do with the Wuhan epidemic. (…) They take away the efforts and the resources needed from the real battlefield,”he concluded.