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Kitten is adopted by dog: that's why
Kitten is adopted by dog: that's why

Orphan, alone and in need of affection. A kitten is adopted by a little dog who has lost her puppies and has so much love to give.

dog with soft toy
dog with soft toy

The two meet in a place where it is hoped that a four-legged friend will never arrive. Adoption is always the best solution, but shelters often represent the last chance of salvation. And so it was for the protagonists of this story.

The story

A kitten is adopted by a female dog. It happens after being brought in a cattery, hoping to find someone there who can love him and give him the chance he deserves.

And, in reality, it is precisely in this context that he 'finds love', that of a four-legged friend like him, but different species. The two met and immediately began to socialize. The same happened among the kittens who act as bodyguards for the blind raccoon.

Arrival in the cattery

dog and cat together
dog and cat together

Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, founder of Il Gattaro d’Aleppo, in Syria, deals with the management of a shelter for cats that have been abandoned because of the war. One day he finds a dog on the street and discovers that she is pregnant.

Alaa then decides to leave hers room at your disposal, in such a way as to give her a comfortable place to rest. But since he has a kennel with 80 guests, he builds a kennel right nearby.


The time for giving birth has come, Amira's puppies are born dead. Her heart breaks, and consequently also that of her bipedal friend: "We were sad and shocked … We gave her a teddy bear and I tried to cuddle her because she was very sad," said Alessandra Abidin, a volunteer.

It is now that Junior, a kitten rescued from the street, notices the teddy bear and decides to approach him and the dog. It approaches slowly, and in the end the dog decides to meet him. Things begin to change.

The miracle

A few days later, the two they play together. The kitty always on her back and she loving just like a mom. The bond that has been created is truly special: they live in symbiosis, they do everything in the company of the other.

She he watches and protects him: “I think Amira needs to be with Junior because her heart was sad after losing her puppies,” said the volunteer. One needs the other and vice versa, both in the same way. Their life has not been easy in the past, we hope that now they will find some serenity together.