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Cat jumps into the dark and disappears, then the surprise
Cat jumps into the dark and disappears, then the surprise

We are on the fourth floor of a building, a cat jumps in the dark and disappears. These are the last scenes witnessed by his human mom and dad.

red and white cat on the street
red and white cat on the street

It happens in Collevario, in the province of Macerata, on June 26th. Its owners search for it for a long time, but to no avail: no news of the little four-legged friend.

The turning point

A cat jumps into the dark and disappears. After much research, no one thought they would find him. They thought he would never come back and hoped he was at least fine.

After seven months, however, a few days ago, the unexpected news arrives. Beatrice, a woman who takes care of a feline colony inside a garage in the trubunale area, notices a new member of the large stray family.

A red and white cat never seen before. At first he is very shy, he does not trust and does not let himself be approached. After a while, however, the girl manages to win his trust and they become friends.

I suspect he's domestic

The feline appears to be used to being at home, his behaviors give clues to this effect. Beatrice thinks of an escape or a bewilderment, that somewhere there might be human parents looking for him.

Start checking on the social pages that deal with the loss of dogs and cats. Scrolling, finally find Birba: intuition was correct. He then decides to contact Zampamicia, the reference association.

The return home

The phone call no one expected it anymore. When, shortly after 11.30 pm, on a day like any other without the feline to keep them company, they are contacted, the owners find it hard to believe.

Delighted and eager to embrace their beloved four-legged friend, they reached him as soon as possible. He didn't delay even a second when he saw them: he entered immediately inside the carrier, ready to go home. “After 7 months around he is exhausted - say the managers of the social page - but all in all in good condition. It is absolutely not wasted . The same happened to the lost cat and then found: its journey, however, was much longer.